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Welcome Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student, see your academic adviser or a student services professional from your college or department for services related to degree progress.

Current Graduate School website

Academic policies & forms related to graduate-level coursework, student status

Credit requirements

Enrollment requirements for fellowships & assistantships

Estimating your costs

Cost of attendance estimates for spring & falll semester tutuion, fees, & other expenses

Assistantships, fellowships, & traineeships

Tuition benefits are a type of financial assistance awarded by the University that reduces the amount of tuition you pay.

You are eligible for tuition benefits if you are a graduate student who holds an assistantship position of at least 12.5% time. Tuition benefits are credited to your University student account and are available year-round, including summer session.

If interested, you must pursue an individual graduate assistantship. Please contact your department or the UMD Graduate School Office. Please indicate the percent of your appointment on your eFAAN. You are required to report the percentage of any increase in your appointment and you risk repayment and/or cancellation of loan and other funds if you do not comply. Your tuition benefit status will be monitored during the academic year.

Graduation checklist

Complete these items when preparing to graduate