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Grades FAQ

Can any of my grades be changed after my degree is granted?

If a student graduates with an I on the transcipt, the I will remain permanently an I. A student may petition his or her college, within a year of graduation, to complete the work in the course and receive a grade. The degree grade point average would be frozen upon graduation but the cumulative grade point average would reflect the change in GPA if a student chooses to complete the work and change I to a grade within a year of graduation.

Grading and Transcript policy

If I think a mistake has been made on my record, how do I check it out?

If you think the mistake is regarding a grade, first contact the department or instructor. Verify that the grade turned in for you matches your registration exactly.

Did the grade submitted by the department match the term and year, the course designator, the course number and grading option of your registration? If not, the department needs to submit a supplemental grade report matching your registration for the course.

What if you made a mistake in your registration? Contact your college office for permission to make a retroactive change in your registration. The scholastic committee of your college must approve these late changes.

If the grade submitted by the department does match your registration, then contact One Stop Student Services.

What happens if I repeat a course?

A student may repeat a course once. When a student repeats a course, (a) both grades for the course shall appear on the official transcript, (b) the course credits may not be counted more than once toward degree and program requirements, and (c) only the last enrollment for the course shall count in the student's grade point average. The preceding sentence of this policy shall not apply to courses using the same number but where students study different content each term of enrollment; all such courses falling under this provision must be approved by the college.

Grading and Transcript policy

What happens if I repeat a course after my degree is granted?
If you repeat a course after your degree is granted, the last enrollment will be recorded on your transcript but your degree GPA will not change.
When will my grades be listed on my transcript?
Instructors have 3 business days after the end of the term to submit grades. Grades appear online for you to view the next day. If your grades are not on your transcript 4 business days after the end of the term, check with your instructor or college office.
Why is there a missing grade on my record? What can I do about it?
Usually, the grade is missing from your transcript because it was not submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline. Late grades are added to students' records as quickly as possible but may not appear for one week after the deadline. First, contact your instructor or college office and verify that a grade was submitted for you matching your registration. If the grade has been submitted, then contact One Stop Student Services.