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Credit by examination

  • Credit by examination is offered at the discretion, and with the approval, of the collegiate academic department.
  • Before considering an examination for credit, a student must consult the appropriate department to ascertain if such an examination is available.

With these restrictions, this option is available to any currently registered, undergraduate, degree-seeking UMD student.

  • If a course is available for examination by credit, the student cannot be currently enrolled in that course.
  • To earn credit by examination, the work must be of C quality (i.e., grade of C- or higher).
  • A student may not first take a University course and earn a grade, then take an examination for credit for that course content. (University of Minnesota Duluth Catalog)


For the student

  1. For each examination, pick up a Request for Credit by Examination form at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center.
  2. For each examination, pay a $50-per-credit fee and obtain your Credit by Examination Payment Card(s) at the cashier’s window in the Darland Administration Building. If you decide not to take the examination, you must return this form and the payment card(s) to One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center, before you can receive a refund.
  3. Present the Request for Credit by Examination form, along with the payment card(s), to either the instructor or department head.

For the instructor

  1. Prior to administering the examination, verify that the student has the payment card(s) for the $50-per-credit fee.
  2. Complete and return the Request for Credit by Examination (Request for Special Examination) form, payment card(s) attached, to the One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center.