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Employer Work Study Information & Resources

Confirm Student's Work Study Eligibility

How does an employer confirm a student's Work-Study eligibility?

Students confirmed eligible for Work-Study will receive, from the Office of Financial Aid, a Work-Study Award Confirmation E-mail which contains:

  • instructions telling the student to forward the E-mail to their employer,
  • the award amount,
  • award period, and
  • when unused awards will be canceled.

What if the student does not have the Work-Study Award Confirmation E-mail from the Office of Financial Aid?

Students who do not have this E-mail can request one from One Stop Student Services. The E-mail will be generated the next day after Work-Study eligibility is confirmed.

Award confirmation emails cannot be sent directly to employers. UMD staff with payroll access can view a student's accepted Work-Study award in Peoplesoft via the Workforce Administration WS Award Placement panel.

Complete the Work-Study Referral Form and other hiring documents

Complete the Work Study Referral Form for the appropriate award period as confirmed.

Process the payroll/hire documents as needed to employ the student, using a payroll combo code that maps to an EFS salary account code ending with '50', to designate work-study. This is important to ensure that the department receives Work Study reimbursement when payroll is processed.

Submit the completed Work Study Referral Form, with the needed payroll/hire documents, to UMD HR & EO, 255 DAdB. All documents must be received together. Referrals should be sent to UMD HR & EO even if no other payroll/hire documents are needed.

Note: Employers who set up their own UM Workforce panels must place the job record to the Work Study award. Forward the Work Study Referral Form directly to the Office of Financial Aid, Attention: Work Study, 184 DAdB.

Keep copies of all documents.

Information & Resources

Student employment forms and policies are located on the UMD Department of Human Resources Student Employment page under

To split a Work Study award between multiple employers or positions within the same department the student and their employers must agree how much funding is needed for each position. The student then completes a Work Study Request form at One Stop Student Services. New award confirmation(s) will be issued for the student to send to the each employer. If the student is already working, the original employer will receive a Work Study award change notice.

Online information for students about Work Study

In person help is available at One Stop Student Services, 23 Solon Campus Center.