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Disabling Pop-up Blocker

Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting in Firefox

Change security and privacy settings for IE

Disabling Pop-up blocker in Safari


Clearing your internet cache


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (on a Mac)

For Chrome

1. Click customize button (three horizontal lines) on the top menu bar and select "History".

2. Click "Clear browsing data..." at the top under "History".

3. Make sure "Clear browsing history" and "Empty the cache" are checked and then click the "Clear browsing data" button.

For Internet Explorer

1. Click "Tools" on the top menu bar and select "Internet Options."

Internet Explorer screen capture 1


2. Under "Browsing History," click "Delete."

Internet Explorer screen capture 2

*If you select "Delete browsing history on extit" then IE should always be ready for grading.

3. This will bring up a list of options with check boxes; check all of the boxes EXCEPT "Preserve Favorites website data." This box must be UNCHECKED. Once you ensure the "Preserve Favorites website data" is unchecked, click "Delete."

Internet Explorer screen capture 3

For Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to History > Clear Recent History.

2. Next to “Time range to clear,” choose “Everything.” Check all of the boxes below, then click “Clear Now.” 

Firefox screen capture 2

For Safari (on a Mac)

1. Go to Safari > Empty Cache.

Safari Screen Shot

2. A dialogue box will appear. Click "Empty."

Safari screen capture 2