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Scheduling Payments on the BA25 Form

Award for the full academic year up front whenever possible, and split the award total evenly over fall and spring semesters. Most students will attend both semesters – splitting the award evenly helps them budget for each term.

Award for one term only if the student will graduate fall semester, attend for only spring semester, or the award is for May/summer. Exceptions: when the student has unusual expenses for one semester, such as study abroad enrollment, or unusual travel expenses or if the Memorandum of Agreement for the scholarship, grant or fellowship specifies the award can only be made of one term.

Use the “new” box when authorizing a payment for the year, even when you are renewing a scholarship from a prior year.

Use the “increase, decrease or cancel” boxes to change an award amount that you’ve already authorized for the year. Indicate the new payment total, even if the amount is $0, for each term in the appropriate amount box.

Increase: The student’s original award was $500 for fall semester, and $0 for spring because student will complete her undergraduate degree fall. Spring semester she will now begin her master’s program and qualifies for the same award, but a larger amount, $1500 for the term. To increase the award, enter $500 for fall and $1500 for spring.

Decrease: The student’s original award was $750 per semester. He will enroll at ¾-time status with 10 credits spring semester and you wish to reduce the award proportionately. To decrease the spring award, enter $750 for the fall semester amount, and $563 for the spring semester amount.

Cancel: It’s October and a student was awarded, $1500 per semester for this year last spring, but has since changed majors. Determine if the student can keep the fall disbursement. If yes, then enter $1500 for fall and $0 for spring. If not, enter $0 for both terms.

NOTE: it’s helpful for financial aid if you indicate in the comments section why the award is being cancelled. Whenever possible, the student will be offered other aid – usually loan funding.


If you need to reduce or cancel a payment, notify the student first. If possible, make the adjustment before the term starts. If the payment has already been made, don’t delay in making the adjustment. The amount cancelled or reduced will be reversed from the student’s University account, creating a bill, subject to installment fees if not paid in full on the next due date. If the student is unable to pay off the bill he or she may not be able to register for the next term. If an award is being cancelled or reduced because the student will be receiving a different scholarship, submit the 2 BA25’s together for processing.

The EFS String and combo code

Which EFS fields must be completed?

Always provide the Fund, DeptID, Program and Account fields. If the Fund is 1701, the CF1 field must also be provided.

Tip: the Account field is always 800102 for awards described as a scholarship, grant or fellowship. Use 800103 for travel awards.

Do I need to provide the combo code?

Yes, when the EFS string provided is different from the one used for prior payments made under this award name, or when awarding a new scholarship account for the first time.

Enrollment Requirements

Most award payments have been set up to pay out automatically in batch disbursement only when the student is enrolled at full time status.

Use the half-time and less than half-time boxes when you need to make exceptions for less than full-time students. Common examples: graduating seniors, May/summer awards and when students are interning.

Research or Internships during a period of non-enrollment, typically summer. Check this box when you know the student will not enroll for any other coursework and the reason for the awarded funding is because the student is conducting research or interning in your department. The Financial Aid Office will arrange to enroll the student for a zero credit independent study/research course. There is no charge for this course. It establishes the student’s relationship with the University for the payment period.

Comments Section

For travel awards, always note the basic information here. Example: “ travel award for presentation of paper for course 9999 at the symposium in MPLS, April 2, 2016”.

Any Special instructions. For example, your spring semester scholarship recipient will be notified of the award during a banquet on the evening of December 1st. In the Comments section, note “do not process this form before 12/2, award ceremony is 12/1”.