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Non-service and externally funded fellowships

When is it appropriate to use non-service fellowship stipends paid through the Payroll system?
Non-service fellowship payments that equal at least a 25% appointment should be paid via a non-service classification in company UNS. They are paid through the biweekly pay cycle. See descriptions of the non-service classifications 9560, 9561, 9562, 9564, 9565, 9566, 9567, 9568, 9569, 9582, and 9583 at Job Classification Descriptions.
How are “externally funded” fellowships paid?
Externally funded fellowships that provide no services to the University are paid to students through non-service classifications 9562 Graduate School Trainee, 9565 Professional School Trainee, and 9566 Graduate Fellow - externally funded. These appointments are made into Company UNS in PeopleSoft Job Data and paid through the biweekly pay cycle.
Can departments use the Scholarship Automation process to pay students for externally funded scholarship/fellowships?
Departments can use the Scholarship Automation process to pay students on externally funded scholarships/fellowships only if the external funds are submitted to a department and deposited into a department account. However larger stipends be processed through the payroll system using the classification 9566 are recommended. The payroll system spreads the payments out through the biweekly pay cycle for the academic year, allowing students to request that income taxes withheld from their payments.
How is tuition paid from external funding sources?
The funding agency sends a check to the student's University department and the department sets up the student's payment through Third Party Billing.

For Graduate School Fellowship questions, call the Graduate School Fellowship Office at 612-625-7579 or email

For non-service appointment and payroll related items, call the Human Resources Call Center at 612-625-2016.