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BA25 Forms

BA25 forms are used when the award is intended to help the student with any of the following expenses:

  • tuition and fees
  • books and supplies
  • housing expenses (on or off campus)
  • food and other personal living expenses
  • travel expenses related to regular attendance at UMD
  • unusual travel expenses - always provide documentation (copies of receipts, air travel confirmation emails, etc) with the BA25 form and note the reason for the travel reimbursement in the “comments” section of the form.

To use the addendum form to pay multiple students the same award, attach it to one completed and signed BA25 form, noting “see addendum” in student’s last name section of the BA25 form.

Graduate, pharmacy, medical and Ph.D. students no longer receive student loans that are interest free while they are in school. Many undergraduate students take out interest bearing loans to fill the gap between traditional financial aid and the cost of attendance.

To help students keep their loan costs down, whenever possible, submit one BA25 form when awarding students for both semesters, and submit forms to the Financial Aid Office for processing by:

  • June 15, for the upcoming fall semester, or fall and spring semester awards
  • December 1, for spring semester only awards
  • April 1 for May and/or Summer award payments

By meeting these deadlines departmental awards are included in the student’s total financial aid package and will disburse with all other assistance the student receives each term. This helps students determine how much they may need to borrow and also by potentially reducing interest charges on student loans, the minimum payment due for those that cannot pay their entire University account balance in full by the 1st due date and installment and/or late fee charges.