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Graduation Checklist, Graduate

This checklist is for students in the Graduate School. Students in professional programs should contact their program office for forms and procedures.

Step 1: Degree completion

Review the Graduate School's degree completion guidelines for your degree.

Step 2: Deadlines

Check the deadlines to apply for graduation.

Step 3: Talk to your adviser

Speak to your adviser about completing all requirements.

Step 4: Holds

Check for  on your record.

Step 5: Financial obligations

Check for any remaining balance on your . You will not receive your diploma until your account is paid in full.

Step 6: Submit your Application for Degree

The Application for Degree form is available online. Follow the the instructions on the Graduate School Commencement webpage.

Step 7: Commencement

Go to "Commence! UMD Commencement Manager" to verify name, address, and sign up to participate in commencement. Deadline to ensure inclusion in the Commencement Program: March 1, 2016

Step 8: Regalia

Visit the bookstore's graduation site to buy or rent your graduation regalia.

Step 9: Loan Exit Counseling

Complete your loan exit counseling.