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Degree Application Procedures

Undergraduate Programs

All undergraduate students must complete the following steps:

  1. Review the Undergraduate Graduation Checklist.

  2. Complete the online . Earning more than one degree? Complete a separate application for each degree.
    *Note: Select the semester in which you are completing all your degree requirements (This is the last semester you enroll in classes).

    If you have issues or concerns, please contact Lisa Johnson at or phone 218-726-7541.

    Note: If a student previously applied for this degree and their name already appeared in a commencement program, they will not be able to access this website. This site is available only for students whose names will appear in the upcoming Commencement Program.

    Please Verify:

    • Commencement attendance plans are recorded accurately.
    • Hometown is spelled correctly, if one is listed.
    • Any Latin or departmental honors being received.
    • Note: Honors information will be available November 2014 for Fall Semester 2014 graduates, and after the end of March 2015 for Spring Semester 2015, May Session 2015, and Summer Session 2015 graduates. Please remember that Latin honors can change—final Latin honors on a transcript and the diploma will be based on cumulative GPA at the time the degree is awarded.

Graduate School students

  1. Review the Graduate Graduation Checklist.
  2. Degree Application materials are available on the UMD Graduate School website.
  3. Return completed paper forms to the Graduate School Office, 431 Darland Administration Building.