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Do I need to see the Athletic Adviser every semester?
No. You will always meet with your Academic Adviser first. If you have further questions about how a course will impact your eligibility, you can then contact Athletic Advising.  If you are having issues in your classes, please contact our office and we can provide you with some resources.
What degrees or majors do NOT require a minor?*
BASC Integrated Elementary and Special Education
BASC Exercise Science
BASC Athletic Training
BASC Recreation-Outdoor Education
BS Environmental Science
BA Environmental Studies
BA Environmental Sustainability
BA English Literature Language and Culture
BA Urban and Regional Studies
All BAS, BBA, BAA, BAC, and engineering
Which degrees or majors DO require a minor?
All BA degrees (except those listed above)
All BS degrees (except those listed above)
*If you are in a degree or major that does not require a minor, you may use a maximum of 6 minor credits in fall/spring for progress toward degree (Division II only).
What is the minimum amount of credits I can take in each fall and spring semester?
You must take at least 12 credits (full-time) each semester. If you are a junior or senior, those 12 credits MUST count toward your degree.  A repeated course in which a satisfactory or better grade was previously received may not be used to meet the 12 hour credit rule.
EXAMPLE:  You took BIOL 1011 last semester and earned a C. You want to take it next semester, but it will not count toward your progress toward degree, so you must take 15 credits to make up for the difference.
When must I declare a major?
You must declare your major by the beginning of your 5th semester. All classes that you take, beginning with that semester, must count towards your degree. If you want to change your major after your 5th semester, please contact our office immediately.