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Athletic Certification Hold

The historic UMD flexibility for you to add and drop classes without review is not a best practice for athletic certification for degree progress and your eligibility to play varsity sports.

As of the end of fall 2012, Saturday, December 22, this flexibility will end and an Academic Certification Hold will be placed on your academic record which stops all class registration, class adds & class drops without authorization and review.

How do you make class adjustments with these new rules?

  1. Email Bulldog Advising, to request a record review. You must provide the following 3 details per enrollment adjustment
    • Action requested: - example: add a class, drop, switch section
    • Term - example: spring 2013, summer 2013, fall 2013
    • Class Subject & Number - example: WRIT 1120
  2. You will receive an email response/confirmation. For approved requests, the certification hold will be lifted for 1 day allowing you to adjust your schedule in that window of opportunity. You must make the change within the approved time frame.
  3. Cancel/Add Schedule requirements such as department authorization may still be required after the semester begins. Refer to the UMD Cancel/Add Deadlines on One Stop for guidance.
  4. For Fall 2013 registration, Certification holds will be lifted to correspond with the date of your registration appointment (queue time).