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June 1, 2011
Cheryl Reitan |Interim director | UMD Public Relations and Marketing | 218 726-8996 |
Cindy Hale | Research Associate | UMD Natural Resource Research Institute | 218 726-6853 |

UMD Wins in National Apple Orchard Contest

The UMD Heritage Orchard is among the winners in a national Edy's "Communities Take Root" contest. Sponsored by Edy's Fruit Bars, the company is giving the top five winners:

• A 50+ apple orchard of heritage apples chosen by the community
• Site and soil preparation before planting
• A BIG community planting event (date to be announced)
• 1 full year of aftercare for trees and community workshops
• ALL apples from the orchard go FREE to the Duluth community

Cindy Hale, research associate for UMD's Natural Resource Research Institute, congratulated the Duluth and campus community for their support. "Thanks for such a great effort. You can continue to vote for other deserving projects (there are 3 others in MN) in the coming month...maybe we can help them bring another community orchard to Minnesota!"

This year, over 130 communities around the U.S. participated in the event. Five locations in Minnesota, UMD being one of them, the communities campaigned for a top-five position.

Among this year's participants, there were 7 food banks, 16 schools and universities, 16 parks, and 10 tribal organizations participating this year. In 2010, only 78 communities participated with only one from Minnesota.

According to Edy's Fruit Bars, "Twenty-five communities across America were awarded fruit orchards last year. Today, these neighborhoods are looking forward to reaping the benefits of their orchards-from the beautiful green spaces to the promise of fresh fruit for everyone to share and enjoy."

The 2011 top five winners were: Make Miracles Grow Foundation in Chicago, IL., Brigit's Bounty in Frederick, CO., Sustainable Homestead Designs (Village Earth) in Manderson, SD., A Third Place Community Foundation in Turley, OK., and Sustainable Agriculture Program (UMD Heritage Orchard) in Duluth, MN.

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