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July 13, 2007
Susan Beasy Latto, Director, UMD Public Relations 218 726-8830
Bill Wade, Vice Chancellor for University Relations 218 726-8831
Linda Krug, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 218 726-8981

KUMD Radio Partners with College of Liberal Arts
in UMD Journalism Program

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) has begun an innovative collaboration between radio station KUMD and the College of Liberal Arts, it was announced today by Vice Chancellor for University Relations Bill Wade and College of Liberal Arts Dean Linda Krug. The new partnership will allow the College's Journalism Program to offer hands-on studio and industry courses to be taught at the 100,000 watt FM radio station located on the UMD campus.

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The integration of KUMD (103.3 on the FM dial) into the curriculum will enable the journalism program (which currently offers a degree minor) to expand. Plans are to begin offering a comprehensive journalism major by Fall semester 2008.

Over the last ten years the College of Liberal Arts has developed both print and web-based journalism components, offering coursework in reporting, news editing, research, media law & ethics, web design, newspaper layout & design, and community journalism. The addition of KUMD into the teaching curriculum will complete the broadcast aspects of the program and provide a hands-on laboratory approach to teaching journalism. In Fall semester 2006 one new course, Journalism 3401--Broadcast News Writing, was taught at KUMD with very positive results.

"KUMD will provide an exciting academic-based learning laboratory while still maintaining its strong community connection and its mission of providing the independent, alternative music programming for which it is so well-known," said Vice Chancellor Wade, who oversees radio station operations.

Dean Krug stated "The incorporation of KUMD into the expanded journalism major will greatly enhance student development and career opportunities--not only in Broadcast Journalism, but also in the fields of Public Relations, Communications and Business Management as well."

As part of the UMD Journalism program, KUMD will also supply a valuable site for student internships in all aspects of radio broadcasting--including music and news production, station management, public relations, advertising, and station engineering—as well as a place for student employment and focused independent study.

Taught by masters level instructors with professional radio experience, some of the courses to be offered at the radio station include:

  • Radio Production I and II -- basic and advanced learning in radio production and operating practices
  • Broadcast Copy Writing -- the process of writing advertising, public service announcements, continuity and scripted materials for radio and TV
  • Broadcast News Writing -- the researching, writing and editing of news reports and features; the preparation of weekly public affairs programs to air on KUMD
  • Public Relations -- understanding the functions of public relations in society. Survey of the concepts, theories and principles of effective, ethical public relations
  • Additional Topic Areas -- broadcast announcing, radio statement management, media relations, non-profit fundraising, engineering, radio station programming

Originating in 1957 in the basement of Washburn Hall of UMD's "Old Main" building, KUMD celebrated its 50th anniversary reunion in May.

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