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May 10, 2005
Susan Beasy Latto , Director, UMD Public Relations (218) 726-8830
Howard Mooers, Professor, UMD Geological Sciences (218)726-7239,

UMD Faculty to Present at
Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America
May 19-20

Twenty University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) faculty and researchers from the Department of Geological Sciences, Large Lakes Observatory, and Natural Resources Research Institute will present their research at the 39th annual meeting of the North-Central Section of the Geological Society of America. The meeting will be held May 19-20 at the Radisson Hotel Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Approximately 800 geoscientists are expected to attend.

Presentations to be made by UMD faculty and researchers are as follows:

Paul Albers
"The Geology and Petrology of the Leveaux Porphyritic Diorite, Cook County, MN: Investigating Possible Magmatic Relationships to the Anorthositic Series of the Duluth Complex"
Joseph Beer
"Tectonic and Climatic Control on Continental Paleovalley Fill Architecture: Evidence from the Upper Triassic, Lower Chinle Formation, South Central Utah, USA"
Andy Breckenridge
"Late-Glacial Paleohydrology of Lake Agassiz and the Upper Great Lakes: Insights from Lake Superior's Oxygen Isotope Record"
Erik Brown
"Lake Malawi Sediments: The Modern Record"
Isla Castaneda
"Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem Change in Tropical East Africa Since the Last Glacial Maximum: The Biomarker Record from Lake Malawi"
Steven Colman
"Linkages Between Biogenic Silica and Diatom Indices in Monitoring Environmental Change in Bear Lake, Utah-Idaho"
John Green
"Geochronology of the Igneous Rocks of the Midcontinent Rift System: A Review"
Erik Gulbranson
"Applications of Phosphor Imaging to Geologic Materials: Diagenetic Emplacement of Uranium/Thorium in Mesozoic Palustrine Carbonates and Calcretes, Colorado Plateau, USA"
Thomas Johnson
"Preliminary Results of the Lake Malawi Drilling Project"
Sara Kubarek
"Taphonomy, Taxonomy, and Anatomy of Sauropod and Theropod Dinosaur Remains from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation Near Shell, WY"
Lisa Marlow
"Glacial Lakes in Northern Minnesota: Drainage Relationships, Chronology, Discharge, and Isotopic Composition of Meltwater"
Howard Mooers
"Ice Advances in the Western Lake Superior Region: A Reevaluation of the St. Louis Sublobe and the Marquette Phase of the Superior Lobe"
Richard Ojakangas
"Sediment Fill of the 1100 MA Midcontinent Rift System (MRS) in Lake Superior Region"
Dean Peterson
"Visualizing the Geology of the Soudan Mine: A Proposed Site for a Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory in Northern Minnesota"
"Deep Underground Science at the Soudan Mine: A Proposal by the University of Minnesota"
Richard Ricketts
"Late-Glacial and Holocene Climate in Central Asia: Lake Issyk-kul, Kyrgyzstan"
Mark Severson
"CU-NI-PGE Mineral Deposits Associated with the Duluth Complex, Northeastern Minnesota"
John Swenson
"Interplay of Landscape Response to Tectonic or Climatic Perturbations and Cosmogenic Nuclide Concentrations: Implications for Calculating Basin-Scale Erosion Rates"
J.D. Van Alstine
"Variability of Sediment Mass Accumulation Rates in Lake Superior"
N.J. Wattrus
"High-Resolution Ground Penetrating Radar Survey in the Search for Dnapls, Cass Lake, MN"
"Evidence of Widespread Dewatering in the Holocene Sediments of Western Lake Superior"
Josef Werne
"The Development of TEX86 for Continental Paleotemperature Construction"

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