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September 9, 2004
Susan Beasy Latto, Director of Public Relations (218) 726-8830
Wy Spano, Director, UMD Center for Advocacy & Political Leadership 726-6658
Linda Krug, Dean, UMD College of Liberal Arts (218) 726-8981

New UMD Political Leadership Program to Kick-Off with
Unique Demonstration of Skills to be Learned

Ribbon-cutting and Refreshments to Illustrate
"How to Cut Through the Red Tape"
"Getting a Piece of the Pie"

Saturday, September 11 at 10:30 a.m.
UMD Kirby Plaza, room 310

UMD's brand new Masters Program in Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) will be launched in dramatic style on Saturday, September 11 on the UMD campus. Seventeen graduate students enrolled in the program will be treated to a dynamic and unique presentation demonstrating two of the major goals of the course---the program, ribbon-cutting and refreshments graphically illustrating "how to cut through the red tape" and how to effectively advocate to secure "a piece of the pie."

A "symbolic scissors" will be given to the students as a memento, and a normal-size pie will be served at the ceremony. However, that pie is planned to not feed everyone present. "We don't actually want there to be enough--so that everyone in the room can have a large piece," said Wy Spano, Director of the Program. "This will lead into discussion on how to impact and decide who gets the limited resources available."

The masters degree in Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) is an applied degree designed for persons in Minnesota and western Wisconsin with experience, or interest, in having an impact on and changing public policy. It is aimed at those who are, or wish to be, local community leaders, labor leaders, government relations specialists, nonprofit executives--anyone who wishes to see that public policy conforms to their idea of what ought to happen in today's society. It is the first degree program to be offered through UMD's new Center for Advocacy and Political Leadership, housed in the UMD College of Liberal Arts.

The MAPL degree program is also the first at UMD to be offered on week-ends-only at the campus. Classes will be held on 22 week-ends a year, with sessions running Friday night and all-day Saturday. Lodging will be provided for students living outside the Duluth area. Transportation from the Twin Cities will be provided. The program is beginning with 17 students in its inaugural class. Director Wy Spano predicts that enrollment will eventually reach 80-90 students at one time.
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