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May 4, 2004
Susan Beasy Latto, UMD Director of Public Relations 218 726-8830
Cory Otto, UMD Industrial Engineering student 218 726-2037 or 612 703-2427
Dr. David Wyrick, Head, Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 218 726-7184

UMD Engineering Student Lands Dream Job
with International Defense Contractor

Good Grades and Prize Internship Pay-off

UMD industrial engineering student Cory Otto knew he was doing very well in school, but he also knew he would be graduating in one of the worst job markets in many years. Industry was cutting back, and that wasn't good for industrial engineers!

Then he landed a summer intern job, and it turned in to an important job offer at a great salary at a better than entry-level position, in an industry that was booming.

Otto will begin a full-time engineering position for United Defense L.P. on May 17 --two days after he graduates from UMD. United Defense L.P. is an international defense manufacturing contractor for the United States Department of Defense, manufacturing equipment such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the large caliber MK 45 used on U.S. Navy ships. They have offices nationally and internationally. Otto will work in their Fridley, Minnesota office.

In January, Otto was offered his dream job on the condition that he graduate and be available by June 2004. He had planned to complete his UMD studies at the end of next fall semester, but decided that taking the job was a good idea, and made arrangements to complete ahead of schedule the two essential courses he needed. One course he took at UMD by independent study, and the other he will complete this summer while working at his new career. He also has a wedding to his fiancé Angie set for January, and then plans to begin work on a masters degree in engineering management.

Maintaining a Presidential Scholarship through-out his four years at UMD, Otto has also has been the recipient of four other scholarships including the Oscar J. Boldt Construction Co. Scholarship and the Iron Range Merit Scholarship. He has a 3.5 grade point average and will graduate from UMD with Departmental Honors. He graduated 14th in his class of 684 at Blaine High School in 2000.

He is currently president of the UMD Scholars Club, and has been captain of his intermural broomball team for four years. He is employed as a research assistant for the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and has worked as student data manager for the office of University Relations and Development for four years.

Cory Otto is the son of Jeffrey and Regina Otto of Blaine, Minnesota.

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