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Under the direction of Daniel W. Eaton, the UMD Bulldog Marching Band performs at all UMD home football games, Minnesota State Fair, and the Christmas City of the North Parade, as well as a number of other campus and community events. This group is open to all interested students and may be taken for 1 credit. The UMD Pep Band is drawn from the marching band and performs at men’s and women’s hockey and basketball games. The Commando Band, a special small ensemble that performs at women’s volleyball and other special events, also comes from within the marching band.




What does it mean to march with the Bulldogs?
The UMD Bulldog Marching Band strives to support Bulldog athletics, the University of Minnesota Duluth and our community through our dedication to achievement, discipline and each other. When you take the field as a member of the band, you represent UMD’s core values of learning, discovery, engagement, inclusiveness, sustainability, integrity, and excellence. Most importantly, you will become part of the Bulldog Marching Band family. Your bandmates will challenge you, support you, and celebrate you--and you will do the same for them.

How do I join the UMD Bulldog Marching Band?
Step One: Register for MU1541, section 12.
Step Two: Complete the Intent to March form.
That’s it!
Take note: Our schedule is definitely demanding. If you have course scheduling conflicts or other events in your life that will require missing rehearsals or performances, they must be discussed with the director prior to Bulldog Boot Camp.

Does it cost anything to join the UMD Bulldog Marching Band?
Instruments: Instruments are provided for those members who need one. A $50 deposit is required at the time of checkout, with $25 returned to you at the end of the semester when the instrument is returned in good condition. If you need an instrument for the audition, you may sign it out upon arrival for registration. You may use your own instrument if you choose, but any repair costs will be your responsibility.

Uniform: Your field uniform will be provided to you at no cost. Rookies will be required to purchase a wind suit (jacket and pants) at a cost of around $90, which includes a marching band t-shirt. You will also be responsible for purchasing black marching band shoes. Order forms are available on the bands website (prices are around $20).

Bulldog Boot Camp housing: Students living in the dorms will incur a $110 housing fee, added to their tuition bill, for the right to move into their rooms early. Meals are provided at no charge during camp only.

Remember: returning marchers will only need to pay the instrument rental deposit and dorm fees if applicable.

What and when is Bulldog Boot Camp?
Bulldog Boot Camp is a mandatory session that starts approximately two weeks before the first day of classes. Boot Camp 2012 begins August 19th and lasts until August 30th. We begin every day at 9am and finish at 9pm, with meals being provided until the end of camp. We’ll start with auditions that will determine your part. Then, you’ll learn our marching style, work on the music for our first show, and get to know the other members of your section. By the time Welcome Week starts, you’ll already be a part of campus and have a network of bandmates to rely on.

Colorguard, Drumline and Front Ensemble will arrive August 18th. Boot Camp does not interfere with any Bulldog Welcome Week activities-- freshmen will be able to participate in all activities during orientation. More information will be mailed to you in July. If you have any questions pertaining to the Drumline, Front Ensemble or Colorguard, please email the director at

Is it advisable to march my freshman year?
In a word, YES. Because Bulldog Boot Camp begins before Welcome Week, you will have a leg up on other freshmen when it comes to knowing campus, settling into dorm life, and making friends. You’ll go into orientation more confident and more comfortable. The band takes great pride in making sure that all rookies, especially freshmen, feel supported and included.

How much time does it take to belong to the band?
When classes begin, the UMD Bulldog Marching Band rehearses Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons from 4:45pm-6:30pm. Also, when there is a home football game, the band rehearses Saturday morning from 8am-10am. The band also performs at various high school festivals and other special events. There is no question that the schedule is full and demanding. But we believe that when you're looking into a crowd of thousands standing and cheering while you play, all of the long hours don’t seem quite so long. More importantly, we know that the feeling of pride and achievement you will feel looking in the mirror will make all your hard work and dedication worthwhile.

Will these demands interfere with my coursework and studying?
Well, like the rest of your college experience, that’s going to be up to you. We find that those students involved in the band do have a very successful college experience academically and socially. The band is made up of almost as many different majors as there are personnel, which means that not only can that trombone player have lunch with you, but she can also help you with your chemistry homework. The guy playing quads is really good at editing papers. And every single person in the band was once a freshman too--they can help you learn time management skills, find help with your classes, and talk you through those roommate fights. Remember: when you’re a member of the band, you’re a member of a family. If you need help, just ask!

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