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The Master of Music in Music Education is a 31 - 32 credit program that can be earned full or part-time, usually in four semesters of graduate study. Focusing on further development of the skills of music educators as teachers and researchers, the M.M. in Music Education enriches the professional educator’s knowledge and culminates in the preparation of the Masters’s thesis.

The Master in Music in Music Performance, Conducting, and Collaborative Piano, prepares students for a career as professional performing musicians in orchestral, chamber and operatic fields. With an equal emphasis on applied music and academic study, the M.M. in Music is a 30 credit program that prepares students as scholar-performers in an actively changing professional performance world. Instruction from world-renowned faculty artists in applied music and performance opportunities in a variety of large and chamber ensembles provide students with ample experience and the strengthening of each individual performer’s artistic abilities.

For a full description of our programs, what they offer and how they are constructed, please download and view our Department of Music Graduate Student Handbook which includes information about each degree option fromĀ start to finish, including audition requirements for each instrument and voice type.

Please see the website for the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota Duluth for information on application atĀ All applications are processed online.

2014-2015 Graduate Studies Handbook (pdf)

Entrance Requirements

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Graduate Documents

Graduate Department Application Process | pdf
2014-2015 Music Graduate Studies Handbook | pdf
Graduate Program Descriptions | pdf
Graduate Recital | pdf
Graduate Recital Checklist | pdf
Graduate Teaching Assistant (T.A.) Form | pdf

If you have any questions regarding the graduate programs in music at UMD, please contact Mark Whitlock at | 218-726-6124 or Dee Charles at | 218.726.7890

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Master of Music, Music Education Emphasis

Core Courses:
MU8601 Foundations of Music Education 3 credits
MU8605 Curricular Trends in Music Education 3 credits
MU8900 Psychology of Music 3 credits
MU8600 Methods of Research in Music Education 3 credits

Additional Requirements:
MU5201 Advanced Music History 2 credits
MU8101 Graduate Music History 2 credits
MU8222 Music Bibliography and Research 3 credits
Applied lessons and ensemble performance 3 credits
Education elective 3 credits
Music electives 3 credits
Directed Project in Music Education 3 credits
Comprehensive Written Examination 0 credits
Oral Examination on the Plan B Paper 0 credits
Total Credits Required: 31 Semester Credits

Admission Requirements:
Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in music and have applied at the University of Minnesota Graduate School. In addition, the following must be submitted for review by the Music Graduate Committee: 1) Department of Music Graduate Study Application; 2) sample of professional writing ( a three to five page paper addressing current issues in music education); 3) two letters of reference from professional colleagues and/or supervisors describing the candidate's potential for success in the graduate music program; and 4) an entrance performance audition on the major instrument or a videotape of classroom teaching or conducting.

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Master of Music, Performance Emphasis

Core Courses: (Required for all Master of Music degree programs)
MU5201 Advance Music Theory 2 credits
MU8101 Graduate Music Theory 2 credits
MU8900 Psychology of Music 3 credits
MU 8222 Music Bibliography and Research 3 credits

Courses in Music (Major Field):
Graduate Applied Music, major instrument: 8 credits
Music Literature courses: 4 credits

Select from:
MU5203 Advance Choral Literature 2 credits
MU5204 Advance Instrumental Ensemble Literature 2 credits
MU5205 Instrumental Solo Literature 1 credit
MU5206 Vocal Solo Literature 1 (max up to 3) credits
MU5207 Instrumental Chamber Music Literature 1 credit
MU5204 Vocal Chamber Music Literature 1 credit
MU8401 Graduate Pedagogy 1 credit
MU8300 Graduate Recital 1 credit (repeat once)
Music Ensembles (1 per semester): 2 credits
Electives: 4 credits
Comprehensive Written Examination: 0 credit(s)
Oral Examination: 0 credit(s)
Total Credits Required: 30 Semester Credits

Admission Requirements:
In order to be admitted to the Master of Music in Performance degree program, students must successfully complete a performance audition (live or taped). Students must have an undergraduate degree in music and an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0. Students must submit a written essay stating their goals for graduate music study; two letters of reference are also required. Students in voice must pass a proficiency examination in German, French, and Italian diction. Students who do not pass these examinations are required to enroll in appropriate remedial courses; (these will not fulfill graduate degree requirements).

Oral Examination:
A final oral examination on the recital program is required.

Comprehensive Written Examination:
A comprehensive written examination is required of all graduate students. The examination is based on the student's program of study and will be conducted and evaluated by the student's graduate committee prior to the oral examination. Students who fail the written examination may repeat it upon recommendation of the committee.

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