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Four-Year Plans

Degree Options

The four-year plans are offered as a guide to advisement and program planning for students and faculty advisors. These plans are not intended as a replacement for the degree requirements listed in the UMD Catalog. Advisors and students must refer to the UMD Catalog for a definitive list of all courses and other requirements necessary to complete the Bachelor of Music Degree, including SFA and all-University requirements. It is important to cross reference the four-year plans with the degree requirements listed in the UMD Catalog.

Curricular revisions to the various degree programs occur with some frequency; therefore, some requirements listed on the four-year plan may no longer apply. Students are also advised that the liberal education courses listed on the four-year plan to be taken during specified semesters are indicated a recommendation only. Students may generally substitute any liberal education course for those listed, with the exception of liberal education courses which are also required as part of the major requirements.

Students should consult with their faculty advisor for assistance in using the four-year plans.

4-Year Plans for Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Music
Jazz Studies pdf | catalogue
Music Education
• Instrumental pdf | catalogue
• Vocal pdf | catalogue
• Instrumental—band or orchestral pdf | catalogue
• Keyboard pdf | catalogue
• Vocal pdf | catalogue
Theory and Composition pdf | catalogue

Bachelor of Arts in Music
Music pdf | catalogue