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Large Lakes Observatory
great lakes from space
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Nigel J. Wattrus

Associate Professor

Large Lakes Observatory
University of Minnesota Duluth
2205 E. 5th St.,
Research Laboratory Building 215
Duluth, MN 55812

Tel. (218) 726-7154

Fax: (218) 726-6979

email: nwattrus at


  • Acoustic remote sensing of lake basins using high-resolution, digital, seismic reflection profiling and multi-beam bathymetric systems.


University of Minnesota, Ph.D.
University of Birmingham, B.Sc.(Honors)


  • GEOL 5000 Special Topics: Geophysical Investigations
  • GEOL 5810 Introduction to Global Geophysics
  • GEOL 58xx Exploration Geophysics


Jennings Patterson, C., Regis, R., Rausch, and Wattrus, N., in review, Glacial origin and significance of deep troughs in the Superior and Michigan basins, Nature.

Cartwright, J., Wattrus, N., Rausch, D., and Bolton, A., 2004, Recognition of an early Holocene polygonal fault system in Lake Superior: implications for the compaction of fine-grained sediments, Geology, 32, 253-256.

Wattrus, N.J., Rausch, D.E. and Cartwright, J.A., 2003, Soft-sediment deformation in Lake Superior: Evidence for an immature Polygonal Fault System? In: Van Rensberger, P., Hillis, R.R., Maltman, A.J., and Morley, C.K. (eds), Subsurface Sediment Mobilization. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 216, 323-334.

Wattrus, N.J. and Rausch, D.E., 2001, A preliminary survey of relict shoreface attached sand ridges in western Lake Superior, Marine Geology, 179, 163-177.

Wattrus, N., D. Dean and C. Mosher, 1995. Algerian VSP synthetics and analysis. Geoscience Operations Internal Report, ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Plano,TX.

Wattrus, N., 1994. Romania Block VII 3D Survey: beamforming analysis and reprocessing recommendations. Geoscience Operations Internal Report, ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Plano, TX.

Wattrus, N.J., 1991. 3-D Finite difference traveltimes in complex media. 61st Ann. Internat. Mtg. Soc. Explor. Geophysics, Expanded Abstracts, 1106-1109.

Ball, V., N.J. Wattrus and D. Cooke, 1991. South Pass 67 salt flank delineation phase II: Transmission tomography. Geoscience Operations Internal Report, ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Plano, TX.

Wattrus, N., 1991. Salt flank delineation by travel time inversion. Exploration Research Letters, ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Plano, TX.

Wattrus, N.J., 1983. Seismic tomography applied to surface wave analysis, in Kaveh, M., R. K. Mueller and J.F. Greenleaf, Eds., Acoustical Imaging, Vol. 13. Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging , Plenum Press.

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