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Kathryn A. Martin Library New Book and Media List

New Book List 2014

April 2015

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  1. Titles are arranged first by collection and then by call number.
  2. Titles marked as "In process" have not been cataloged when this New Book and Media list was generated. Check the Library Catalog first to see their availability. If they are still "In process", you may request "rush cataloging" and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.
AM7 .B39 1995
Bennett, Tony, 1947-
The birth of the museum : history, theory, politics.
AM7 .H66 1992
Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean, 1945-
Museums and the shaping of knowledge.
B945.R233 M47 2013
Merrill, Ronald E.
Ayn Rand explained : from tyranny to tea party.
Open Court
BF408 .L625 2014
Lewis, Sarah, 1957-
The rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery.
Simon & Schuster
BJ1725 .S83 2015
Strom-Gottfried, Kim.
Straight talk about professional ethics.
Lyceum Books Inc
BL1215.P65 B43 2001
Bhatt, Chetan.
Hindu nationalism : origins, ideologies, and modern myths.
BR377 .T48 1991
Thomas, Keith, 1933-
Religion and the decline of magic : studies in popular beliefs in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England.
Penguin Books
CB203 .S337 2015
Schmidt, Benjamin, author.
Inventing exoticism : geography, globalism, and Europe's early modern world.
University of Pennsylvania Press
D16.255.C65 P37 2014
Pastplay : teaching and learning history with technology.
University of Michigan Press
D802.P6 L85 1986
Lukas, Richard C., 1937-
The forgotten Holocaust : the Poles under German occupation, 1939-1944.
University Press of Kentucky
DB2238.H38 A5 1997
Havel, Va?clav.
The art of the impossible : politics as morality in practice : speeches and writings, 1990-1996.
DS135.E75 B46 1993
Ben-Jochannan, Yosef.
We the Black Jews.
Black Classic Press
DS146.G4 B484 2007
Berkowitz, Michael.
The crime of my very existence : Nazism and the myth of Jewish criminality.
University of California Press
DS281 .B7513 2002
Briant, Pierre.
From Cyrus to Alexander : a history of the Persian Empire.
E183.8.I4 T35 2006
Talbott, Strobe.
Engaging India : diplomacy, democracy, and the bomb.
Brookings Institution Press
E184.H55 B33 2012
Baas, Sally A., author.
What does it mean to be Hmong in the Twin Cities of Minnesota?.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
E185.615 .A9 1997
Azoulay, Katya Gibel.
Black, Jewish, and interracial : it's not the color of your skin, but the race of your kin, and other myths of identity.
Duke University Press
E468.9 .M19 2015
McPherson, James M., author.
The war that forged a nation : why the Civil War still matters.
Oxford University Press
E76.6 .W49 2015
Why you can't teach United States history without American Indians.
The University of North Carolina Press
E76.8 .D86 2014
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939-
An indigenous peoples' history of the United States.
Beacon Press
E842.9 .N418 2014
Nero, Nick M.
JFK : assassination rehearsal.
Algora Publishing
E842.9.K56 J33 2014
Jackson, Gayle Nix
Orville Nix : the missing JFK assassination film.
Semper Ad Meliora
F842.9.K56 C53 2015
Charnin, Richard
Reclaiming science : the JFK conspiracy.
Folio M287.R26 S62 2013
Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937.
Sonate en quatre parties pour violon et violoncelle, [1920-1922].
Folio M312.R27 T7 2009
Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937.
Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle.
G1566.A1 H64 2014
Hoffmann, Odile, 1957-....
British Honduras : the invention of a colonial territory, mapping and spatial knowledge in the 19th century.
IRD Institut de recherche et de développement; Cubola Productions
G76.5.U5 M37 2015
Martin, Geoffrey J., author.
American geography and geographers : toward geographical science.
Oxford University Press
GC85 .C66 2014
Continental shelves of the world : their evolution during the last glacio-eustatic cycle.
The Geological Society
GN307.65 .B64 2008
Boellstorff, Tom, 1969-
Coming of age in Second Life : an anthropologist explores the virtually human.
Princeton University Press
GN33 .G44 2010
Geertz, Clifford.
Life among the anthros and other essays.
Princeton University Press
GN347 .P57 2006
Pink, Sarah.
The future of visual anthropology : engaging the senses.
GN347 .P58 2011
Pinney, Christopher.
Photography and anthropology.
Reaktion Books
GN803 .O37 2015
O'Brien, William, 1961- author.
Prehistoric copper mining in Europe, 5500-500 BC.
Oxford University Press
GR851 .C44 2012
Chevyetski, P.
Generation Z : the Zombie generation.
P Chevyetski
GR851 .H555 2013
Hill, Caleb
Generation Z : a novel.
Caleb Hill
GT1555 .V65 2002
Vollmer, John, 1945-
Ruling from the Dragon Throne : costume of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).
Ten Speed Press
GT580 .T67 2010
Tortora, Phyllis G.
Survey of historic costume : a history of Western dress.
Fairchild Books
GV1469.17.S63 H58 2014
Hjorth, Larissa, author.
Gaming in social, locative, and mobile media.
Palgrave Macmillan
GV350 .S36 2008
Should college athletes be paid?.
Greenhaven Press
GV776.115 .D34 2008
Dahl, Bonnie.
Bonnie Dahl's superior way : the cruising guide to Lake Superior.
Lake Superior Port Cities
HB501 .Z59 2014
Z?iz?ek, Slavoj, author.
Trouble in paradise : from the end of history to the end of capitalism.
Allen Lane
HC106.84 .A47 2013
Alperovitz, Gar.
What then must we do? : straight talk about the next American revolution.
Chelsea Green Publishing
HC142 .B85 2012
Bulmer-Thomas, Barbara.
The economic history of Belize : from the 17th century to post-independence.
Cubola Books
HD1696.5.L37 O66 2005
Opposing currents : the politics of water and gender in Latin America.
University of Pittsburgh Press
HD62.25 .C65 2003
Colli, Andrea, 1966-
The history of family business, 1850-2000.
Cambridge University Press
HD62.25 .F47 2013
Ferna?ndez Pe?rez, Paloma, 1964-
The endurance of family businesses : a global overview.
Cambridge University Press
HD9940.B32 S43 2014
Seabrook, Jeremy, 1939-
The song of the shirt : cheap clothes across continents and centuries.
Navayana Pub
HF5414 .T39 2012
Taylor, Gabriela. author
Targeting your market : marketing across generations, cultures & gender : the role of socio-demographics in modern marketing.
HF5415.1265 .C37 2014
Capala, Matthew, author.
SEO like I'm 5 : the ultimate beginner's guide to search engine optimization.
Kindle Self Publishing LLC
HF5415.1265 .C55 2014
Ciju, Mark, author.
Facebook : marketing strategies for small business : a comprehensive guide to help your business reach new heights.
Printed by CreateSpace
HF5415.1265 .U57 2014
Unsworth, Nick author.
The book on Facebook marketing : to help you set your business & life on fire.
Crescendo Publishing LLC
HF5415.2 .B786 2013
Bruner, Gordon C., 1954-
Marketing scales handbook : the top 20 multi-item measures used in consumer research.
GCBII Productions
HF5845 .E28 2015
Ebster, Claus.
Store design and visual merchandising : creating store space that encourages buying.
Business Expert Press
HG1551 .B768 2013
Brown, Ellen Hodgson.
The public bank solution : from austerity to prosperity.
Third Millennium Press
HG179 .K583 2015
Knudsen, Joyce Michelle. author.
The generational puzzle.
HG4530 .L423 2013
Leopold, Les.
How to make a million dollars an hour : why hedge funds get away with siphoning off America's wealth.
John Wiley
HM1033 .D56 2015
Hutchison, Elizabeth D.
Dimensions of human behavior : person and environment.
HM1166 .C68 2006
Composing relationships : communication in everyday life.
HM851 .P345 2013
Pang, Alex Soojung-Kim.
The distraction addiction : getting the information you need and the communication you want without enraging your family, annoying your colleagues, and destroying your soul.
Little Brown
HN90.E4 R85 2005
Ruling America : a history of wealth and power in a democracy.
Harvard University Press
HQ789 .W73 2014
Wright, Amy Conley.
Six steps to successful child advocacy : changing the world for children.
HT170 .G56 2015
Global gentrifications : uneven development and displacement.
Policy Press
HV11 .S2493 2014
Sabatino, Christine Anlauf.
Consultation theory and practice : a handbook for school social workers.
Oxford University Press
HV11 .S5855 2014
Social media in social work education.
Critical Publishing
HV11.7 .S63 2015
Social work field directors : foundations for excellence.
Lyceum Books Inc
HV11.7 .W665 2010
Women of color on the rise : leadership and administration in social work education and the academy.
Columbia University Press
HV11.8.A35 P76 2014
Professional social work in east Africa : towards social development, poverty reduction and gender equality.
Fountain Publishers
HV1461 .M384 2014
McInnis-Dittrich, Kathleen, 1951-
Social work with older adults : a biopsychosocial approach to assessment and intervention.
HV2430 .O45 2014
Oliva, Gina A.
Turning the tide : making life better for deaf and hard of hearing schoolchildren.
Gallaudet University Press
HV2476.4 .L46 2014
Lentz, Ella Mae, author.
Signing naturally.
HV3176 .R48 2014
Rethinking anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive theories for social work practice.
Palgrave Macmillan
HV40 .E466 2014
Empowering workers and clients for organizational change.
Lyceum Books Inc
HV40 .H393 2014
Healy, Karen, author.
Social work theories in context : creating frameworks for practice.
Palgrave Macmillan
HV40 .H5748 2014
Hessle, Sven, 1941-
Human rights and social equality : challenges for social work.
Ashgate Pub
HV40 .L284 2015
Langer, Carol L., author.
Applying theory to generalist social work practice : a case study approach.
John Wiley & Sons Inc
HV40 .P33 2014
Payne, Malcolm, 1947-
Modern social work theory.
Lyceum Books Inc
HV40.54 .H46 2014
Henderson, Penny, author.
Practical supervision : how to become a supervisor for the helping professions.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
HV40.8.U6 B45 2014
Bell, Joyce Marie.
The Black power movement and American social work.
Columbia University Press
HV40.8.U6 F65 2014
Foldy, E. author. (Erica),
The color bind : talking (and not talking) about race at work.
Russell Sage Foundation
HV48 .K75 2014
Kristof, Nicholas D., 1959- author.
A path appears : transforming lives, creating opportunity.
Alfred A Knopf
HV5801 .A387 2014
Allan, George (Social worker), author.
Working with substance users : a guide to effective interventions.
Palgrave Macmillan
HV5822.M3 G877 2014
Grissler, Jeff, author.
Marijuana business : how to open and successfully run a marijuana dispensery and grow facility.
Marijuana Business Books Publishing
HV713 .E73 2015
Eradicating child maltreatment : evidence-based approaches to prevention and intervention across services.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
HV713 .F43 2014
Featherstone, Brid, author.
Re-imagining child protection : towards humane social work with families.
Policy Press
HV741 .H339 2014
Harris, Marian Sabrina.
Racial disproportionality in child welfare.
Columbia University Press
HV91 .R7725 2014
Rural social work : building and sustaining community capacity.
John Wiley & Sons Inc
HV91 .S6257 2007
Social work practice with ethnically and racially diverse nursing home residents and their families.
Columbia University Press
In process
Language mixing and code-switching in writing : approaches to mixed-language written discourse.
In process
Infographics : resume, social media infographics, data visualization tools.
In process
Belting, Hans.
Anthropology of images : picture, medium, body.
Princeton University Pres
In process
DeMeo, James, author.
In defense of Wilhelm Reich : opposing the 80-year's war of mainstreaming defamatory slander against one of the 20th century's most brilliant physicians and natural scientists.
Natural Energy Works
In process
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937.
Gershwin's improvisations for solo piano : transcribed from the 1926 and 1928 disc recordings.
Alfred Pub
In process
Irving, David John Cawdell (1938- ).
Apocalypse 1945 : the destruction of Dresden.
Focal Point
cop. 2007.
In process
Jackson, Michael, author.
Presentation skills masterclass : want to be a better business presenter? Business presentations and public speaking.
In process
Kawauchi, Rinko, 1972-
Light and shadow.
Rinko Kawauchi
In process
McKinsey, Dave. author.
Strategic storytelling : how to create persuasive business presentations.
In process
Miscisin, Mary. author.
Personality lingo : use the power of personality to transform relationships, improve communication and reduce stress.
In process
Pa?rt, Arvo.
Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka : fu?r Klavier ; Fu?r Alina : fu?r Klavier.
Universal Edition
[1991], ©1990.
In process
Rorem, Ned, 1923-
Barcarolles : piano.
Sole selling agents CF Peters; Henmar Press
In process
Taylor, Brian, 1934- author.
The battle of Königsberg : the struggle for the East Prussian capital, October 1944 to April 1945.
Brian Taylor Books; CreateSpace
In process
Tyner-Mullings, Alia, author.
Enter the alternative school : critical answers to questions in urban education.
Paradigm Publishers
JA85.2.U6 A34 2014
Akadjian, David, author.
The little book of revolution : a distributive strategy for democracy.
David Akadjian LLC
JC319 .B385 2015
Barney, Timothy.
Mapping the Cold War : cartography and the framing of America's international power.
University of North Carolina Press
JK1726 .C45 2010
Chinni, Dante.
Our patchwork nation : the surprising truth about the real America.
Gotham Books
LB1025.3 .L484 2015
Lemov, Doug, 1967-
Teach like a champion 2.0 : 62 techniques that put students on the path to college.
Jossey-Bass a Wiley brand
LB1048.5 .A 44 2015
Allen, JoBeth.
Family dialogue journals : school-home partnerships that support student learning.
Teachers College Press
LB1050.42 .D84 2014
Duffy, Gerald G.
Explaining reading : a resource for explicit teaching of the common core standards.
Guilford Press
LB1139.W7 T74 2014
Treiman, Rebecca, author.
How children learn to write words.
Oxford University Press
LB1632 .S65 2010
Smith, Michael W. 1954- (Michael William),
Fresh takes on teaching literary elements : how to teach what really matters about character, setting, point of view, and theme.
LB2395.7 .C38 2014
Carnes, Mark C. 1950- (Mark Christopher),
Minds on fire : how role-immersion games transform college.
Harvard University Press
LB3013.32 .R47 2014
Responding to school violence : confronting the Columbine effect.
Lynne Rienner Publishers
LB3061.8 .B88 2014
Burris, Carol Corbett.
On the same track : how schools can join the twenty-first-century struggle against resegregation.
Simmons College/Beacon Press
LC3731 .M685 2014
Motha, Suhanthie.
Race, empire, and English language teaching : creating responsible and ethical anti-racist practice.
Teachers College Columbia University
LC3981 .H36 2014
Harry, Beth.
Why are so many minority students in special education? : understanding race & disability in schools.
Teachers College Press
LC4093.N49 C37 2013
Carr, Sarah.
Hope against hope : three schools, one city, and the struggle to educate America's children.
Bloomsbury Press
M1503.S3183 S8 1968
Schickele, Peter.
The stoned guest : a half-act opera : S.86 proof.
T Presser
1973, ©1968.
M1503.S526 B6 2013
Shaiman, Marc, composer, lyricist.
Bombshell : the new Marilyn musical from Smash.
Alfred Music Publishing Co Inc
M1507 .T81 2014
21st century musical theatre : 50 songs from shows since 2000.
Hal Leonard
M1507 .T94 2014
21st century musical theatre : 50 songs from shows since 2000.
Hal Leonard
M1507.B758 O71
Britten, Benjamin, 1913-1976.
Opera arias : mezzo-soprano.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Boosey & Hawkes
M1507.B865 D734 1992
Britten, Benjamin, 1913-1976.
Opera arias : soprano.
Boosey & Hawkes
M1507.B878 J3 2006
Brown, Jason Robert.
The Jason Robert Brown collection.
H Leonard Corp
M1507.S65 M87 2013 v.1
Sondheim, Stephen, composer, lyricist.
Sondheim for singers. 43 songs : songs in original keys for theater soprano and other Sondheim songs in suitable keys for theater soprano.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation; Rilting Music
M1507.S65 M87 2013 v.2
Sondheim, Stephen, composer, lyricist.
Sondheim for singers. 45 songs : songs in original keys for belter/mezzo-soprano and other Sondheim songs in suitable keys for belter/mezzo-soprano.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation; Rilting Music
M1507.S65 M87 2013 v.3
Sondheim, Stephen, composer, lyricist.
Sondheim for singers. 39 songs : songs in original keys for tenor and other Sondheim songs in suitable keys for tenor.
Hal Leonard Corporation; Rilting Music
M1507.S65 M87 2013 v.4
Sondheim, Stephen, composer, lyricist.
Sondheim for singers. 40 songs : songs in original keys for baritone/bass and other Sondheim songs in suitable keys for baritone/bass.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation; Rilting Music
M1508.B69 T5
Bowen, Jeff, 1971-
(Title of show).
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corp; Williamson Music
M1508.B787 B75 2014
Brown, Jason Robert, composer, lyricist.
The Bridges of Madison County : a new musical : vocal selections.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard; Hal Leonard Corporation
M1508.J64 L56 1999
John, Elton.
Disney presents the lion king : Broadway selections.
Hal Leonard Corp Wonderland Music Company Inc
M1508.K58 I5 2014
Kitt, Tom, composer.
Hal Leonard
M1508.K58 N49 2009
Kitt, Tom, composer.
Vocal selections from Next to normal : an original musical.
Alfred Music Publishing
M1508.L98 G46 2014
Lutvak, Steven, composer, lyricist.
A gentleman's guide to love & murder : vocal selections.
Hal Leonard
M1508.R82 C65 2004
Russell, Brenda, composer, lyricist.
The color purple : a new musical : piano vocal selections.
Hal Leonard Corp
M1508.S462 C38 2011
Shaiman, Marc, composer, lyricist.
Catch me if you can : sheet music from the Broadway musical.
M1508.S7 A5 2014
Annie : music from the motion picture soundtrack.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard; Sony Pictures Music Group
M1619 .A07 2011
15 art songs by British composers : songs.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Boosey & Hawkes
M1619 .A153 2011
15 art songs by British composers : songs.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Boosey & Hawkes
M1619 .A17 1993
15 American art songs.
Distributed by H Leonard; G Schirmer
M1619 .G73 1960
Great art songs of three centuries.
G Schirmer
M1630.18.S565 F73 2014
The Frank Sinatra centennial songbook.
Hal Leonard
M175.G85 C3 1990
Cage, John.
c Composed improvisation : for Steinberger bass guitar.
Henmar Press
M175.S73 C3 1990
Cage, John.
c Composed improvisation : for snare drum alone.
CF Peters; Henmar Press
M175.T3 C3 1990
Cage, John.
C C?omposed improvisation : for one-sided drums with or without jangles.
Henmar Press
M2013.V33 D6 1936
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958.
Dona nobis pacem : a cantata for soprano and baritone soli, chorus and orchestra.
Oxford University Press
M203.B32 S68 1954
Barber, Samuel, 1910-1981.
Souvenirs : ballet suite, op. 28.
Distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing Corp; G Schirmer
M2060.V484 P4 1980
Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901.
Quattro pezzi sacri = Vier geistliche Stücke.
CF Peters
M21 .A622 2003
Anthology of 20th century piano music : intermediate to early advanced works by 37 composers.
M217 .M4 2009
Maud Powell favorites : four volumes.
Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
M217 .M4 2009
Maud Powell favorites : four volumes.
Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
M217 .M4 2009
Maud Powell favorites : four volumes.
Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
M217 .M4 2009
Maud Powell favorites : four volumes.
Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
M22.G45 P5 2006
Ginastera, Alberto, 1916-1983.
The piano collection.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Boosey & Hawkes
M22.G5115 E77 2014
Glass, Philip, composer, writer of added commentary.
The complete piano etudes.
Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation; Music Sales PTY Limited; Music Sales Corporation; Exclusive distributors Music Sales Limited; Dunvagen Music Publishers; Chester Music Limited
M22.S393 R66 1991
Schumann, Clara, 1819-1896.
Romantic piano music = Romantische Klaviermusik.
[1991], ©1967.
M22.S393 R66 1991
Schumann, Clara, 1819-1896.
Romantic piano music = Romantische Klaviermusik.
[1991], ©1967.
M23 .C317 1982
Carter, Elliott, 1908-2012.
Piano sonata (1945-46) : revised 1982.
Mercury Music
1982, ©1948.
M23 .S56 op.12 1998
Shostakovich, Dmitrii? Dmitrievich, 1906-1975.
Sonata no. 1 dli?a fortepiano soch. 12 = Sonata no 1 for piano op. 12.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Izdatel?stvo DSCH
M23 .S56 op.61 1999
Shostakovich, Dmitrii? Dmitrievich, 1906-1975.
Sonata no. 2 dli?a roi?ali?a soch. 61 = Sonata no 2 for piano op. 61.
Distributed by H Leonard; Izdatel?stvo DSCH
M23.I92 T5 1949
Ives, Charles, 1874-1954.
Three page sonata ; for piano solo.
Mercury Music Corp
M24 .H68 op.214
Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000.
Visionary landscapes : op. 214.
CF Peters Corp
M25 .O
Ohana, Maurice, 1913-1992.
Douze études d'interprétation : pour piano.
Sole agent for USA Canada Mexico T Presser; Jobert
M25 .S
Schoenberg, Arnold, 1874-1951.
Fu?nf Klavierstu?cke = Five piano pieces : op. 23.
W Hansen
M25.C34 P53
Cage, John.
Piano works, 1935-48 : piano solo.
Sole selling agents CF Peters; Henmar Press
M25.G37 R5 1917
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937.
Rialto ripples : rag : piano solo.
Warner Bros Publications
M25.L55 M8
Ligeti, Gyo?rgy, 1923-2006.
Musica ricercata : per pianoforte (1951-1953).
M25.P57 P37 1943
Piston, Walter, 1894-1976.
Passacaglia for piano.
Mercury Music Corp
M25.S56 T36 2005
Shostakovich, Dmitri? Dmitrievich, 1906-1975.
Tant?sy kukol : dli?a fortepiano = Dances of the dools [i.e. dolls] : for piano.
Distributed by Hal Leonard; Izd-vo DSCH
M25.W867 P73 2005
Wuorinen, Charles.
Praegustatum for James Levine : for solo piano.
CF Peters
M25.Z56 C3
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois, 1918-1970.
Capriccio : Improvisationen über Volksliederthemen (1946) : Klavier.
Edition Schwann
M30.K63 D3
Koda?ly, Zolta?n, 1882-1967.
Marossze?ki ta?ncok = Marossze?ker Ta?nze = Dances of Marossze?k : piano solo.
Universal Edition
ML410.G97 G87 2006
Gurdjieff/de Hartmann, Oriental suite : the complete orchestral music 1923-1924.
ML420.D98 M18 2014
McDougal, Dennis.
Dylan : the biography.
ML420.D98 S5 2011
Shelton, Robert, 1926-1995.
No direction home : the life and music of Bob Dylan.
Backbeat Books
N4396 .E94 2015
Exhibiting outside the academy, salon and biennial, 1775-1999 : alternative venues for display.
N6537.K78 A4 2014
Kruger, Barbara, 1945-
Barbara Kruger : believe + doubt.
Kunsthaus Bregenz
N8217.C36 C37 2014
Carbone, Teresa A.
Witness : art and civil rights in the sixties.
Brooklyn Museum; The Monacelli Press
ND1316.5 .S53 2014
Shackelford, George T. M., 1955- author.
Faces of impressionism : portraits from the Muse?e d'Orsay.
Kimbell Art Museum
NE860 .N69 2010
Noyce, Richard.
Critical mass : printmaking beyond the edge.
A & C Black
P115 .G76 1982
Grosjean, Francois.
Life with two languages : an introduction to bilingualism / Francois Grosjean.
Harvard Univ Press
P116 .H36 2014
The handbook of language emergence.
P91.5.U5 C47 2015
A century of communication studies : the unfinished conversation.
PG3015.5.S6 L5 1978
Literature and society in imperial Russia, 1800-1914.
Stanford University Press
PG3091.9.T73 S36 2000
Scho?nle, Andreas.
Authenticity and fiction in the Russian literary journey, 1790-1840.
Harvard University Press
PG3098.3 .T6 1986
Todd, William Mills, 1944-
Fiction and society in the age of Pushkin : ideology, institutions, and narrative.
Harvard University Press
PL2658.E1 C59 2000
Classical Chinese literature.
Chinese University Press; Columbia University Press
PN1009.A1 H69 2014
Howarth, Michael, 1977-
Under the bed, creeping : psychoanalyzing the Gothic in children's literature.
McFarland & Company Inc Publishers
PN1992.77.P7 S74 2013
Stevens, Alan, 1966-
Fall out : the unofficial and unauthorised guide to The Prisoner.
Telos Pub
PN1995 .V287 2011
Vanoye, Francis. Auteur.
Le cinéma
impr. 2011.
PN2297.T46 H46 2014
Hensley, Michelle, author.
All the lights on : reimagining theater with Ten Thousand Things.
Minnesota Historical Society Press published in association with HowlRound A Center for the Theater Commons
PN4193.I5 K37 2015
Karia, Akash.
How to design TED-worthy presentation slides : presentation design principles from the best TED talks.
PN51 .Z485 2014
Zim, Rivkah, author.
The consolations of writing : literary strategies of resistance from Boethius to Primo Levi.
Princeton University Press
PN6111 .B47 2011-2012
The best American short plays 2011-2012.
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
PN6790.J33 O24 2014
Obata, Fumio, author, illustrator.
Just so happens.
Jonathan Cape
PN6790.N43 V56 2014
Stok, Barbara, 1970- author, illustrator.
PQ2673.O3 P68 2014
Modiano, Patrick, 1945-
Pour que tu ne te perdes pas dans le quartier : roman.
PQ3989.3.M52 S25 2013
Miano, Léonora, author.
La saison de l'ombre : roman.
Bernard Grasset
PQ6670.U8 Z84 1991
Molinaro, Nina L., 1960-
Foucault, feminism, and power : reading Esther Tusquets.
Associated University Press; Bucknell University Press
PQ7298.1.G85 C58 2011
Agusti?n, Jose?.
Ciudades desiertas.
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The dating of Beowulf : a reassessment.
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Women of will : following the feminine in Shakespeare's plays.
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The annotated Wuthering Heights.
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Yeats and afterwords : Christ, culture, and crisis.
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The Cambridge companion to Irish modernism.
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Moral agents : Eight Twentieth-Century American writers.
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The myth of emptiness and the new American literature of place.
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Rumors : a farce.
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Whiskey tango foxtrot.
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SOS - Calling All Black People : a Black Arts Movement Reader.
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Enhancing adolescents' motivation for science : research-based strategies for teaching male and female students.
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Resampling methods for dependent data.
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LMIs in control systems : analysis, design and applications.
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How not to be wrong : the power of mathematical thinking.
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Exploring the invisible universe : from black holes to superstrings.
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Solved problems in geostatistics.
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Ore deposits in an evolving Earth.
Geological Society of London
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Quickstart molecular biology : an introductory course for mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientists.
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Bradley, Elizabeth H., 1962- author.
The American health care paradox : why spending more is getting us less.
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Post traumatic slave syndrome : America's legacy of enduring injury and healing.
Joy DeGruy Publications
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Case studies in multicultural counseling and therapy.
Dziegielewski, Sophia F., author.
DSM-5 in action.
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Selecting effective treatments : a comprehensive systematic guide to treating mental disorders, includes DSM-5 update chapter.
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Vicarious trauma and disaster mental health : understanding risks and promoting resilience.
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Learning the language of addiction counseling.
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The addiction treatment planner.
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Paymar, Michael, author.
Violent no more : helping men end domestic abuse.
Hunter House an imprint of Turner Publishing Company
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Kulp, Jodee
Our FAScinating journey : the best we can be : keys to brain potential along the path of prenatal brain injury.
Better Endings New Beginnings
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Jongsma, Arthur E., Jr., 1943- author.
The adolescent psychotherapy treatment planner.
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Jongsma, Arthur E., Jr., 1943-
The child psychotherapy treatment planner.
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Case studies in child, adolescent, and family treatment.
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What works for whom? : a critical review of treatments for children and adolescents.
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Therapeutic games and guided imagery : tools for mental health and school professionals working with children, adolescents, and their families.
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Creative interventions with traumatized children.
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Grief and trauma in children : an evidence-based treatment manual.
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America's founding fruit : the cranberry in a new environment.
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The interpreter's guidebook : techniques for programs and presentations.
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Fisherman's bible : the world's most comprehensive angling reference.
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Signs, trails, and wayside exhibits : connecting people and places.
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Folktales aloud : practical advice for playful storytelling.
ALA editions An imprint of the American Library Association
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Association of College and Research Libraries a division of the American Library Association
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Not just where to click : teaching students how to think about information.
Association of College and Research Libraries a division of the American Library Association
Children's Lit
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Miller, Debbie S., 1951- author.
A king salmon journey.
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Shining star : the Anna May Wong story.
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Doctor Who 50 : the essential guide.
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Shackleton's journey.
Flying Eye Books
Kang, Anna, author.
You are (not) small.
Two Lions
Folio G1426.E63 S67 2007
Sportsman's Connection (Firm)
Southern Minnesota all-outdoors atlas : comprehensive coverage of all outdoors activities : fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, off roading, biking, paddling, skiing, golfing, traveling, wildlife viewing.
Sportsman's Connection
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Rockford Map Publishers.
Douglas County, Illinois : 2013 land atlas & plat book.
Douglas County Soil & Water Conservation District; Douglas County Farm Bureau; Rockford Map Publishers Inc
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Business statistics of the United States.
Bernan Press
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Business plans handbook : a compilation of actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America.
Gale Research Inc
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Handbook of U.S. labor statistics : employment, earnings, prices, productivity, and other labor data.
Bernan Press
In process
Bayfield County, Wisconsin 2013-2014 plat book and land atlas.
Bayfield County Land Records Dept
KF62 1972 .L38
United States.
United States code service.
Bancroft-Whitney Co; Lawyers Co-operative Pub Co
KF62 1972 .L38
United States.
United States code service.
Bancroft-Whitney Co; Lawyers Co-operative Pub Co
KF62 1972 .L38
United States.
United States code service.
Bancroft-Whitney Co; Lawyers Co-operative Pub Co
KF62 1972 .L38
United States.
United States code service.
Bancroft-Whitney Co; Lawyers Co-operative Pub Co
Teaching Materials
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In the spirit of the studio : learning from the atelier of Reggio Emilia.
Teachers College
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Doerr, Anthony, 1973-
All the light we cannot see : a novel.
Audio Book
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Homer, author.
The Iliad.
Macmillan Audio
PA4025.A5 F342 2005
The Odyssey.
Penguin Audiobooks
Leadbelly, 1885-1949, composer, performer.
Lead belly.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Compact Disc
In process
Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch, 1872-1949.
The complete harmonium recordings 1948-1949
Basta Audio Visuals
BL315 .F56 2011
Finding Joe.
Distributed by Beyond Words Publishing; Pat and Pat
DC33.L68 A38 2013
Lit, Judith.
After winter, spring = Après l'hiver, le printemps.
Terra Productions LLC
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Kypseli : women and men apart : a divided reality.
Berkeley Media LLC
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Maasai women
Documentary Educational Resources
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Goin' to Chicago.
California Newsreel
[cbetween 2000 and 2009?]
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Beyond ethnography corporate & design anthropology.
American Anthropological Association
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Anthropology real people, real careers.
American Anthropological Association
HT384.U62 M8 2014
Spanish Lake.
Passion River
In process
Pieces d'identites Identity pieces.
California Newsreel
In process
Salut cousin! Hey cousin!.
In process
Desert people
Film Australia
LB2342 .I96 2014
Ivory tower.
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Moguls & movie stars : a history of Hollywood.
Warner Home Video
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Biography. an empire of their own.
Distributed by New Video; A & E Home Video
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Hollywood streets of gold.
Distributed by Mill Creek Entertainment
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MGM, when the lion roars the story of a Hollywood Empire.
Warner Home Video
PN1995.9.B55 R839 2004 DVD
Ruby Bridges
Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc; Walt Disney Home Video
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180° south
Magnolia Home Entertainment
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Carícies Caresses.
Water Bearer Films
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Infancia clandestina.
Film Movement
PN1997 .F338 2001
Faat Kine.
California Newsreel
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La grande seduction Seducing Doctor Lewis.
Alliance Atlantis Vivafilms
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7 cajas.
Breaking Glass Pictures
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Distributed by Entertainment One USA
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Mandela, long walk to freedom.
Anchor Bay Entertainment; Anchor Bay
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La piel que habito : The skin I live in.
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
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Rock of ages
Distributed by Warner Home Video
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Ro*Co Films Educational; PF Productions LLC
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Making stuff
PBS Distribution
T173.8 .M35 2014
Making stuff 2 : wilder, colder, safer, faster.
Distributed by PBS Distribution
TK3105 .T35 2014
Take back your power.
Redfive Marketing; BigPitcher Films
TT520 .P377 2008
Pattern development
Insight Media distributor; Theatre Arts Video Library
2008, 1989.
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