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Kathryn A. Martin Library New Book and Media List

New Book List 2014

February 2015

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  1. Titles are arranged first by collection and then by call number.
  2. Titles marked as "In process" have not been cataloged when this New Book and Media list was generated. Check the Library Catalog first to see their availability. If they are still "In process", you may request "rush cataloging" and the item will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.
AZ195 .R47 2015
Rhetoric and the digital humanities.
The University of Chicago Press
BF637.C45 B74 2012
Bridges not walls : a book about interpersonal communication.
McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
BV2190 .M37 2014
Martinez, Anne M., 1966-
Catholic borderlands : mapping Catholicism onto American empire, 1905-1935.
University of Nebraska Press
D111 .M5
Medievalia et humanistica.
Rowman and Littlefield etc
DD247.H5 K835 2006
Kubizek, August.
The young Hitler I knew.
MBI Pub; Greenhill Books
DP233.5 .V55 1998
Vilarós, Teresa M.
El mono del desencanto : una crítica cultural de la transición espanola, 1973-1993.
Siglo Veintiuno Editores
DP272 .C645 2005
Colmeiro, José F., 1958-
Memoria histórica e identidad cultural : de la postguerra a la postmodernidad.
Anthropos Editorial
DS127.85 .R39 2012
Raz, Avi.
The bride and the dowry : Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the aftermath of the June 1967 War.
Yale University Press
DS135.F9 B78613 1999
Modiano, Patrick, 1945-
Dora Bruder.
DS272 .C34
The Cambridge history of Iran.
University Press
DS35.63 .L37 2014
Lapidus, Ira M. author. (Ira Marvin),
A history of Islamic societies.
Cambridge University Press
DS557.7 .B74 1998
Brigham, Robert K. 1960- (Robert Kendall),
Guerrilla diplomacy : the NLF's foreign relations and the Vietnam War.
Cornell University Press
DS559.8.S6 K54 2014
Kieran, David, 1978.
Forever Vietnam : how a divisive war changed American public memory.
University of Massachusetts Press
DS560.68 .A87 2013
Asselin, Pierre.
Hanoi's road to the Vietnam War, 1954-1965.
University of California Press
DS779.43 .O76 2014
Osnos, Evan, 1976-
Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China.
Farrar Straus and Giroux
E184.A1 M1486 2014
McKenzie, Mia.
Black girl dangerous : on race, queerness, class and gender.
BGD Press Inc
E185.615 .I778 2014
Irving, Debby.
Waking up white : and finding myself in the story of race.
Elephant Room Press
E475.53 .H47 2001
Hess, Earl J.
Pickett's charge--the last attack at Gettysburg.
University of North Carolina Press
E902 .H48 2009
Hetherington, Marc J., 1968-
Authoritarianism and polarization in American politics.
Cambridge University Press
E99.C6 C495 2014
Child, Brenda J., 1959.
My grandfather's knocking sticks : Ojibwe family life and labor on the reservation.
Minnesota Historical Society Press
F1011.3 .B66 2014
Bone, Robert M.
The regional geography of Canada.
Oxford University Press
GB451.2 .R63 2014
Rock coast geomorphology : a global synthesis.
Geological Society
GT2850 .B67 2014
Boseley, Sarah.
The shape we're in : how junk food and diets are shortening our lives.
Guardian Books
GT511 .A63 2007
Anawalt, Patricia Rieff, 1924-
The worldwide history of dress.
Thames & Hudson
GT737 .F37 2012
Fashions in the era of Jane Austen : Ackermann's Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics.
Publications of the Past
GV1060.73 .E94 2014
Evans, Marc, 1953-
Triathletes in motion.
Human Kinetics
GV14.45 .R34 2014
Race, ethnicity, and leisure : perspectives on research, theory, and practice.
Human Kinetics
GV1589 .P35 2014
Paine, Lyn.
Complete guide to primary dance.
Human Kinetics
GV1790.A38 G84 2010
Guest, Ann Hutchinson.
Nijinsky's Faune restored : a study of Vaslav Nijinsky's 1915 dance score : L'après-midi d'un faune and his dance notation system : revealed, translated into labanotation and annotated.
Noverre press
GV1790.G5 F43 1981
Fehl, Fred.
Giselle & Albrecht : American Ballet Theatre's romantic lovers.
Dance Horizons
GV365 .A48 2014
SHAPE America (Organization)
National standards & grade-level outcomes for K-12 physical education.
Human Kinetics
GV443 .B95 2014
Byl, John.
Physical education for homeschool, classroom, and recreation settings : 102 games with variations.
Human Kinetics
GV481 .K416 2014
Kennedy, Carol A., 1958.
Methods of group exercise instruction.
Human Kinetics
GV505 .F58 2014
Fleck, Steven J., 1951.
Designing resistance training programs.
Human Kinetics
GV545 .O78 2013
Ortiz, Kathleen.
Tumbling basics.
Human Kinetics
GV716 .F85 2010
Fullerton, Sam.
Sports marketing.
McGraw-Hill Irwin
GV943 .L87 2014
Luxbacher, Joe.
Soccer : steps to success.
Human Kinetics
H62 .Y57 2011
Yin, Robert K..
Qualitative research from start to finish.
The Guilford Press
HA33.5 .B38 2014
Bauder, Julia.
The reference guide to data sources.
ALA Editions an imprint of the American Library Association
HB137 .S63 2013
Snijkers, Ger, 1963-
Designing and conducting business surveys.
John Wiley & Sons Inc
HB171 .M319 2011
Mainelli, Michael.
The price of fish.
Nicholas Brealey Pub
HB615 .A6965 2014
Annals of entrepreneurship education and pedagogy 2014.
Edward Elgar
HD1375 .O735 2014
Osenenko, Alex. author
Grow your property management business.
HD1375 .S374 2014
Sirgy, M. Joseph.
Real estate marketing : strategy, personal selling, negotiation, management, and ethics.
HD1393.55 .G73 2012
Grabel, Gary.
Wealth opportunities in commercial real estate : management, financing and marketing of investment properties.
HD1394.5.U6 P76 2012
Property management.
Rockwell Pub
HD2769.15 .L363 2015
Lane, Marc J..
The mission-driven venture : business solutions to the world's most vexing social problems.
HD58.8 .L356 2014
Laloux, Frederic
Reinventing organizations : a guide to creating organizations inspired by the next stage of human consciousness.
Nelson Parker
HD58.9 .K43 2005
Kelley, Tom, 1955-
The ten faces of innovation : IDEO's strategies for beating the devil's advocate & driving creativity throughout your organization.
HD8066 .L53 2013
Lichtenstein, Nelson.
State of the union : a century of American labor.
Princeton University Press
HD9969.S7 U72 1998
Congdon-Martin, Douglas.
Hathaway shirts : their history, design, and advertising.
Schiffer Publishing Ltd
HF1359 .H648 2011
Holton, R. J.
Globalization and the nation state.
Palgrave Macmillan
HF5386 .S386 2012
Schlesinger, Leonard A.
Just start : take action, embrace uncertainty, create the future.
Harvard Business Review Press
HF5415.123 .B557 2015
Blakeman, Robyn, 1958-
Integrated marketing communication : creative strategy from idea to implementation.
Rowman & Littlefield
HF5472.U6 A45 2012
Alkon, Alison Hope.
Black, white, and green : farmers markets, race, and the green economy.
University of Georgia Press
HF5823 .C185 2014
Carlson, Linda.
Advertising with small budgets for big results : how to buy print, broadcast, outdoor, online, direct response & offbeat media.
Barrett Street Productions
HG1573 .B78 2014
Brummer, Alex.
Bad banks : greed, incompetence and the next global crisis.
Random House Business Books
HM263 .H317 2012
The handbook of strategic public relations and integrated marketing communications.
HM851 .R4336 2014
Reed, T. V. (Thomas Vernon)
Digitized lives : culture, power and social change in the Internet era.
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
HN29 .S29 2014
Saris, Willem E..
Design, evaluation, and analysis of questionnaires for survey research.
HN59.2 .G56 2015
Giroux, Henry A.
Zombie politics and culture in the age of casino capitalism.
Peter Lang
HV713 .S617 2014
Social communication development and disorders.
Psychology Press
HV9742 .S48 2002
Serrano, Rodolfo.
Toda España era una cárcel : memoria de los presos del franquismo.
In process
Fowler, Marilyn Ellen.
Wisdom from the north : Sami perspectives on sustainable leadership
In process
Goettl, Eric Daniel.
Noaidi - the one who sees bringing to light the religious experience among the 17th-18th century Sámi.
In process
Guéno, Jean-Pierre.
Mon papa en guerre : lettres de poilus, mots d'enfants, 1914-1918.
In process
Maiolo, Joseph.
Three frays from mallorca / and four stories.
Overcoat Books
In process
Maiolo, Joseph.
Saint Matthew in Appalachia / and other stories.
Overcoat Books
In process
Maiolo, Joseph.
Arch of birches and other stories.
Overcoat Books
In process
Schami, Rafik, 1946-
Das letzte Wort der Wanderratte : Märchen, Fabeln & phantastische Geschichten.
JF1525.A8 M47 2013
Mergel, Ines, 1972-
Social media in the public sector : a guide to participation, collaboration, and transparency in the networked world.
JZ1308 .K7313 2014
Krajewski, Markus, 1972.
World projects : global information before World War I.
University of Minnesota Press
JZ6009.S64 P47 2013
Pervez, Muhammad Shoaib.
Security community in South Asia : India-Pakistan.
KD3156 .B76 2014
Brown, Tracey, 1971.
In the interests of safety : the absurd rules that blight our lives and how we can change them.
LB1028 .M396 2009
Merriam, Sharan B.
Qualitative research : a guide to design and implementation.
LB1047 .E94 2014
Ewert, Alan W., 1949-
Outdoor adventure education : foundations, theory, and research.
Human Kinetics
LB1050.44 .V57 2012
Visual word recognition.
Psychology Press
LB1139.5.L35 C85 2013
Culatta, Barbara.
Systematic and engaging early literacy : instruction and intervention.
Plural Publishing Inc
LB1585.3 .B34 2013
Science for the next generation : preparing for the new standards.
NSTA Press
LB1775.2 .W495 2015
Why we teach now.
Teachers College Press
LC89 .G46 2014
Giroux, Henry A.
Neoliberalism's war on higher education.
Between the Lines
ML410.S42 L36 2014
Laird, Paul R..
The musical theater of Stephen Schwartz : from Godspell to Wicked and beyond.
Rowman & Littlefield
MT420 .S35 1991
Schuller, Gunther.
Horn technique.
Oxford University Press
MT956 .H34 2014
Hall, Karen, 1955.
So you want to sing music theater : a guide for professionals.
Rowman & Littlefield
N72.P6 L37 2013
Lampert, Nicolas, 1969-
A people's art history of the United States : 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements.
The New Press
N7391.65 .M35 2014
Making art in Africa 1960-2010.
Lund Humphries
N7604 .F74 2014
Freund, Amy.
Portraiture and politics in Revolutionary France.
The Pennsylvania State University Press
NA7235.M6 M55 2014
Millett, Larry, 1947.
Minnesota's own : preserving our grand homes.
Minnesota Historical Society Press
NH444 .C475 2014
Christopher, Matthew.
Abandoned America : the age of consequences.
Jonglez Publishing
c 2014.
NK3720.C2 C367 2014
Camp fires : the queer baroque of Leopold L. Foulem, Paul Mathieu, Richard Milette = le queer baroque de Leopold L. Foulem, Paul Mathieu, Richard Milette.
Gardiner Museum
P118 .O434 2014
Oller, John W.
Milestones : normal speech and language development across the life span.
Plural Publishing Inc
P119.32.T28 C43 2015
Chang, Hui-ching.
Language, politics and identity in Taiwan : naming China.
P165 .O83 2007
The Oxford handbook of cognitive linguistics.
Oxford University Press
P295 .D43 1988
Declerck, Renaat.
Studies on copular sentences, clefts, and pseudo-clefts.
Foris Publications; Leuven University Press
P94.6 .J46 2013
Jenkins, Henry, 1958-
Spreadable media : creating value and meaning in a networked culture.
New York University Press
PE71 .M6X
Modern Humanities Research Association.
Annual bibliography of English language and literature.
Modern Humanities Research Association
PM7874.C27 V37 2011
Variation in the Caribbean : from Creole continua to individual agency.
John Benjamins Pub Company
PN1992.6 .A695 2013
Arceneaux, Kevin.
Changing minds or changing channels? : partisan news in an age of choice.
The University of Chicago Press
PN1996 .H335 2013
Haro, Franck.
Écrire un scénario pour le cinéma.
PN2085 .A44 2011
Allison, Mary Ellen.
A survival guide for stage managers : a practical step-by-step handbook to stage management.
Outskirts Press
PN4888.O25 K84 2014
Kuypers, Jim A.
Partisan journalism : a history of media bias in the United States.
Rowman & Littlefield
PN6101 .P493 1998x
Poems for the millennium.
University of California Press
PN6725 .R48 1994
Reynolds, Richard.
Super heroes : a modern mythology.
University Press of Mississippi
PN6790.I74 M63 2008
Modan, Rutu.
Exit wounds.
Drawn & Quarterly
PQ2673.O3 A2 2015
Modiano, Patrick, 1945.
Suspended sentences : three novellas.
Yale University Press
PQ2679.C37844 R383 2010
Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel.
La rêveuse d'Ostende.
Librairie générale française
PQ6144 .C585 2011
Contornos de la narrativa espanola actual (2000-2010) : un diálogo entre creadores y críticos.
Vervuert; Iberoamericana
PQ6663.I46 D67 2002
Millas Garcia, Juan Jose, 1946-
Dos mujeres en Praga.
Espasa Calpe
PQ6663.I46 L38 2006
Millas Garcia, Juan Jose, 1946-
Laura y Julio.
Seix Barral
PQ6663.I46 Q84 2010
Millas Garcia, Juan Jose, 1946.
Lo que se de los hombrecillos.
Seix Barral
2010, ©2010.
PR2888 .C33
Shakespeare survey.
Cambridge University Press
PR6017.S5 Z628 2014
The American Isherwood.
University of Minnesota Press
PS3345 .V5 1988
Wister, Owen, 1860-1938.
The Virginian : a horseman of the plains.
Penguin Books
PS3554.I8 P75 2009
Disch, Thomas M.
The prisoner.
Penguin Books
2009, c1967.
PS3562.O4886 T47 1999
Lonergan, Kenneth.
This is our youth.
Dramatists Play Service
PS3563.A385 B6 2012
Maiolo, Joseph.
Boy youth man : a triptych of novellas.
Overcoat Books
PS3566.O83578 G73 1994
Power, Susan, 1961-
The grass dancer.
Berkley Books
1997, ©1994.
PS3618.U48 D43 2009
Ruhl, Sarah.
Dead man's cell phone.
Samuel French
PS3623.U77 I54 2007
Wurth, Erika T.
Indian trains.
West End Press
PS591.D4 D446 2013
Deaf American Prose 1830-1930.
Gallaudet University Press
PT2662.E294 W54 2012
Becker, Jürgen, 1932-
Wie es weiterging : ein Durchgang : Prosa aus fünf Jahrzehnten.
PT2671.L88 A86 2014
Klüssendorf, Angelika, 1958.
April : Roman.
Kiepenheuer & Witsch
PT2680.A448 D865 2010
Schami, Rafik, 1946-
Die dunkle Seite der Liebe : Roman.
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
PT2680.A448 E79 1991
Schami, Rafik, 1946-
Erzähler der Nacht.
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
1994, c1989.
PT2680.A448 S42 2007
Schami, Rafik.
Die Sehnsucht der Schwalbe : Roman.
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
PT2680.I455 G65 2011
Schimmelpfennig, Roland, 1967-
Der Goldene Drache : Stücke 2004-2011.
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag
Q185 .E69 2013
Essick, John.
Hands-on introduction to LabVIEW for scientists and engineers.
Oxford University Press
QE390.5 .G65 2014
Gold-transporting hydrothermal fluids in the earth's crust.
Geological Society
QK494.5.G48 C73 2013
Crane, Peter R.
Ginkgo : the tree that time forgot.
Yale University Press
QP301 .H635 2014
Hoffman, Jay, 1961-
Physiological aspects of sport training and performance.
Human Kinetics
QP303 .L68 2013
Loudon, Janice K. 1959- (Janice Kaye),
Clinical mechanics and kinesiology.
Human Kinetics
QP310.R85 F47 2014
Ferber, Reed, 1970.
Running mechanics and gait analysis.
Human Kinetics
RA781 .C6446 2014
Corbin, Charles B.
Health opportunities through physical education.
Human Kinetics
RA781 .R54 2013
Rikli, Roberta E.
Senior fitness test manual.
Human Kinetics
RA781.63 .M33 2014
McAtee, Robert E., 1948.
Facilitated stretching.
Human Kinetics
RC1235 .R43 2013
Recovery for performance in sport.
Human Kinetics
RC339.52.B758 L36 2013
LaPointe, Leonard L.
Paul Broca and the origins of language in the brain.
Plural Pub
RF510 .K45 2014
Kelchner, Lisa N..
Pediatric voice : a modern, collaborative approach to care.
Plural Publishing Inc
RJ133 .H34 2014
Haywood, Kathleen.
Life span motor development.
Human Kinetics
RJ496.L4 A3413 2012
Akhutina, T. V. (Tatiana Vasilevna)
Overcoming learning disabilities : a Vygotskian-Lurian neuropsychological approach.
Cambridge University Press
RM931.A77 U75 2008
Using the creative arts in therapy and healthcare : a practical introduction.
T173.8 .S36 2014
Scoble, Robert.
Age of context : mobile, sensors, data and the future of privacy.
Patrick Brewster Press
TN872.N9 P48 2014
Peters, Lisa Westberg.
Fractured land : the price of inheriting oil.
Minnesota Historical Society Press
TT520 .L775 2011
Lo, Dennic Chunman.
Laurence King
TT520 .T56 2012
Threads' fitting for every figure.
Taunton Press
TT590 .G53 2014
Gnagy, Mathew.
The modern maker.
Printed by creativespacecom
TT633 .P37 2002
Parker, Mary S., 1949-
The folkwear book of ethnic clothing : easy ways to sew & embellish fabulous garments from around the world.
Lark Books
TX371 .K69 2014
Kraig, Bruce.
Man bites dog : hot dog culture in America.
Taylor Trade Publishing
TX631 .M395 2015
McQuaid, John.
Tasty : the art and science of what we eat.
Z1033.U58 P69 2013
Power to the people : the graphic design of the radical press and the rise of the counter-culture, 1964-1974.
University of Chicago Press
Z675.U5 A5977 2014
Assessing liaison librarians : documenting impact for positive change.
Association of College and Research Libraries a division of the American Library Association
Z678 .S36 2014
Schmidt, Aaron, 1978.
Useful, usable, desirable : applying user experience design to your library.
ALA Editions an imprint of the American Library Association
Z733.M457 S74 2015
Steele, Patricia Ann.
The Living Library : an intellectual ecosystem.
Association of College and Research Libraries a division of the American Library Association
Children's Lit
811 W895br
Woodson, Jacqueline.
Brown girl dreaming.
Nancy Paulsen Books an imprint of Penguin Group (USA)
Ciraolo, Simona.
Hug me.
Flying Eye Books
BF76.5 .A73 2012
APA handbook of research methods in psychology.
American Psychological Association
HA1122 .A33
Great Britain. Central Statistical Office.
Annual abstract of statistics.
JX1977.A37 Y4
United Nations.
Yearbook of the United Nations.
Dept of Public Information United Nations
KF62 1972 .L38
United States.
United States code service.
Bancroft-Whitney Co; Lawyers Co-operative Pub Co
KFM5605.Z9 G84
A guide to starting a business in Minnesota.
Small Business Assistance Office Minnesota Dept of Energy and Economic Development
L901 .P442
Peterson's graduate and professional programs, an overview.
L901 .P444X
Peterson's graduate programs in biological/biomedical sciences & health-related medical professions.
Peterson's Pub
L901 .P447x
Peterson's graduate programs in business, education, information studies, law & social work.
Peterson's Pub
N40 .W6
Who's who in art.
The Art Trade Press Ltd
PN451 .S6
Something about the author.
Gale Research
PR2892 .C78 2002
Crystal, David, 1941-
Shakespeare's words : a glossary and language companion.
RS75 .P5
Physicians' desk reference.
Medical Economics Co
SH1 .Y321
FAO yearbook. FAO annuaire. Statistiques des peches et de l'aquaculture = FAO anuario. Estadisticas de pesca y acuicultura.
T394 .T723
Trade shows worldwide.
Gale Research Inc
Teaching Materials
In process
North Shore-opoly
PC2112 .S34451 2008
Schmitt, Conrad J.
Bon voyage!
PC2129.E5 S34452 2008
Schmitt, Conrad J.
Bon voyage!
PC4112 .S362 2009
Schmitt, Conrad J.
¡Asi se dice! : Glencoe Spanish.
PC4112 .S3622 2009
Schmitt, Conrad J.
¡Asi se dice! : Glencoe Spanish.
PR6057.A319 T75 2015 Gaiman, Neil.
Trigger warning : short fictions and disturbances.
William Morrow an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
PR6108.A963 G57 2015
Hawkins, Paula.
The girl on the train.
Riverhead Books a member of Penguin Group (USA)
PS3558.A4763 N55 2015
Hannah, Kristin.
The nightingale.
St Martin's Press
E99.E7 R456 2005
The reindeer queen the story of Sinrock Mary.
Documentary Educational Resources
JK2356 .C58 2014
Citizen Koch.
MPI Home Video
PN1997 .F577 1996
California Newsreel
PN1997 .J473 2014
Jersey boys.
Distributed by Warner Home Video; Publisher not identified
PN1997 .Q52285 2003
Qi wang King of chess.
Deltamac; Fortune Star
QH545 .G768 2014
Groundswell rising : protecting our children's air & water.
Bullfrog Films
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