Far East

Chinese first came to America as laborers for the gold rush and the building of railroads. The first Chinese immigrants to Minnesota arrived in the mid-1870's, fleeing the anti-Chinese movement that developed on the West Coast at that time. Those who came first were mainly Taoists and Buddhists, but there were Scriptures available to them, provided by a number of organizations in China and elsewhere.

The Japanese settled mainly on the West coast, but in recent years we have seen a great influx of immigrants from South East Asia and from Tibet. A sizeable colony of Tibetans is in residence in the Twin Cities and Duluth has a considerable population of Hmong and Filipinos.

Today immigrants from such areas as Asia tend to retain their own religions, but there are still agencies working constantly to translate and to update Scripture in the languages of all who come here. The Ramseyer Collection recently received a new translation of the Bible into a dialect of Indonesian completed by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Red book cover
Tagalog (Philippines) Pamphlet
Scripture Gift Mission
Page of hand written text
Thai Acts of the Apostles
Bangkok, 1891
Page of hand written text
Cantonese Gospel of Mark
Brittish and Foreign Bible Society, 1915
Book cover with text
Tibetan Gospel of St. Mark
Brittish and Foreign Bible Society, 1930
Page of hand written text
Vietnamese Bible
American Bible Society, 1982

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