Case Seven

Illustrations in 20th century Bibles were usually reserved for large-size editions and are most often classical illustrations or photographs of the Holy Land. An exception to this is the Good News Bible, which has simple, evocative line illustrations.

Also, around the turn of the 20th century a revival of interest in craftsmanship occurred, and there was an effort to improve the design, binding and typography of Bibles, an example of which can be seen in the reproduction of a page from the Doves Press English Bible, 1903-05.

A modern example of fine illustration of the Bible is the 1999 Viking Studio edition of the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible, designed and illustrated by Barry Moser.

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Pen Illustration
Good News Bible
(Today's English Version)
American Bible Society, 1978
Illustration of people dancing
Good News Bible, N.T.
(Today's English Version)
American Bible Society, 1971
Page of hand written text
Bible, Doves Press, 1903-5
From Art of the Printed Book, 1455-1955
New York, 1973
Pen illustration
The Holy Bible
Designed and Illustrated
by Barry Moser
New York, Viking Studio Edition, 1999

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