Case Six

From about the middle of the 19th century, there was a movement to look at the Bible not only as a religious document, but also as a literary creation and artifact. This brought forth an interest in a factual exploration of the historical basis of the Bible and of the geography, flora, and fauna of the narrative. One of the earliest and most exhaustive of these efforts was that of J.J. Scheuchzer, who produced a set of engravings and notes in six volumes, showing Biblical places, plants, animals, and scenes. Some depictions are fanciful, but most strive for accuracy.

The preface of the New Illuminated Holy Bible proclaims that the "advanced spirit of the age requires accuracy in illustrating" and goes on to claim that "this edition of the Holy Bible is the first in which the text in faithfully and artistically illustrated in detail from beginning to end."

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Scheuchzer, Johann Jacob Kupfer-Bibel...
Augburg, 1731-5 (E)
Scheuchzer, Johann Jacob Kupfer-Bibel...
Augburg, 1731-5 (F)
Page with text and illustrations
New Illuminated Holy Bible
Philadelphia, American Bible House, 1897

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