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William Tyndale, like Wycliffe, failed to get the Church's permission to embark on the task of translating Scripture into English. He had to retreat to the Continent for this work, although that did not save him from spies from England who denounced him to the authorities at Antwerp and he was imprisoned and executed. 

His translation could be much more widely distributed than Wycliffe's because of the invention of printing from moveable type. Copies were seized and burned as rapidly as they could be found and confiscated, when they arrived in England. For that reason, and because the copies that were not found were heavily used, only one complete copy and one somewhat incomplete have survived to the present day. The complete copy was for many years in the Library of the Baptist College of Bristol, England, and a facsimile of this copy was made in 1862. The copy on display is one of only 177 copies made at that time. 

The one surviving original was recently sold to the British Library for nearly $2 million.

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Open bible with text
Tyndale The first New Testament printed in the English Language (1525 or 1526) translated from the Greek by William Tyndale reproduced in facsimile with an introduction by Francis Fry. 1862. #82
Open bible with text and illustration
Matthew's Tindale's Triumph, John Roger's Monument.  The Newe Testament of the Matthew's Bible 1537 a.d. Modern spelling, punctuation and introduction by John Wesley Sawyer. Houston, Texas, John Wesley Sawyer, 1989. #1482

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