Printers of the 15th and 16th Centuries

The Thomas Aquinas is particularly interesting as the oldest printed book in the Collection. It was produced in 1490, which puts it within 40 years of the invention of moveable type by Gutenberg. It shows all the earmarks of early printing, being without a title page, but having printing information in a colophon at the back. It also in traditional style leaves space for an illuminator to decorate capital letters a the beginning of paragraphs.

Menno Simons was the founder of the Mennonite sect. Heinrich Suso, also known as Vater Amandus, was a German mystic of the 14th century.

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Lether bound philosophy book
Thomas Aquinas, 
Opuscula, 1490  #81

Dark purple bound book
Menno Simon Fundamentum, 1575  #29

Not Pictured:
Ludolphus de Saxonia
[Life of Christ], 1521

Heinrich Suso
[Theological Writings], 1512

Tommaso Porcacci
Paralleli o essempli ...  1566

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