Foreign Language Bibles

Bibles in languages other than English are very numerous in the Ramseyer Collection. The ones on exhibit here have a couple of interesting aspects.

The Swiss German Bible comes from the Ramseyer family and is most probably the corner- stone of the whole Collection.

The Greek and Hebrew Bibles are not only in themselves early printing, but show how the first printers quickly developed types for the classical languages, since they were producing for the educated classes, which meant those familiar with the languages used in the Greek and Roman classics and in theology. Some of the very early typography using Greek types was extremely beautiful in design and format. It is unfortunate that the modern age has lost the desire to produce books in the same attractive style.

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Very old and worn cover
German-Swiss Bible, 
Zurich, 1560  #F124
Very old and worn dark leather cover
Hebrew Old Testament,
Paris, 1543  #17
Old soft cover book
Greek Psalms, Wittenberg, 1534  #22

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