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Torah Scrolls, Koran and Artifacts


Scroll #1

Vellum, 19th century.
32.5 cm. wide, 3002 cm. (98.49 ft. ) long.
48 skins, 264 columns.

Scroll #2

Vellum, 17th century, Baghdad.
33 cm. wide, 2455 cm. (80.54 ft.) long.
50 skins, 264 columns.

Scroll #3

Leather, 14th century.
57 cm. wide, 3357 cm. (100.14 ft.) long.
61 skins, 226 columns.

Scroll #4

Leather, 13th century, Aden
53-59 cm. wide, 1550 cm. (116.5 ft. ) long.
49 skins, 207 columns.

Scroll #7

Book of Esther.
In olive wood container. Three skins totaling 3" x 86".
Date unknown, but modern.




KORAN. 1330 (?).

MS on heavy paper, 42 x 28cm., enclosed in wood boards with leather hinges.
Name of God and some decoration in red, but not throughout entire copy.
Many marginal corrections and emendations, as well as corrupt text, indicate that this was a personal or practice copy.
252 leaves, many blank; at least 7 missing leaves; text before Sura 2, v. 212 and text after Sura 73, v. 8 is lacking.
Date of 1330 is in modern MS on leaf 132a, but no other internal evidence of date has been found.


KORAN. 15th CENTURY (?).

MS on fine paper. Text and page decoration in black, red and gold.
First page of text illuminated. Board covers, leather spine, highly decorated.
Unpaged. 14cm.



The Qur'an. The First American Version. Translation and Commentary by T. B. Irving
(Al-Hajj Ta'lim 'Ali).
Brattleboro, VT., Amana Books, 1985.
401p. 24cm.





(Gospels) Evangelium Secundum __________. The Gospel of Saint ________ in West-Saxon edited from the manuscripts by James Wilson Bright.
Matthew, 1904.
Mark, 1905
Luke, 1906
John, 1904
New York, AMS Press, 1972, originally published by Boston, D. C. Heath.
4 vols.NUC 56:NBi 0053749, 0055215, 0056168 and 0057156.


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