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UMD Off-Campus Housing Listing Service Policy Agreement   (Revision Level A: December, 2003.)

You, as landlord, shall have the opportunity to list rental vacancies with the UMD Kirby Student Center Off-Campus Housing Office for a period of three (3) months subject to full payment of applicable fees and to the provisions outlined below. Please allow five (5) working days for processing of your payment. By participating in this service, you represent that the properties you seek to have listed comply with applicable municipal housing maintenance codes and all local rental registration or licensing requirements. You also understand the University may refuse to list, or may de-list, you and/or your properties when the University becomes aware of chronic code violations or repeated unresolved tenant complaints involving you and/or your properties.

Refusal to List or De-listing of Landlords or Properties

  1. Kirby Student Center reserves the right to refuse listing or to de-list all of a landlord’s listings when that landlord has had three (3) or more unresolved tenant complaints filed with Kirby Student Center within the previous twelve-month (12) period. A complaint is unresolved if (1) it results in litigation, or (2) the landlord has not made a good faith effort to respond to and or settle the complaint with the tenant(s).
  2. Kirby Student Center reserves the right to refuse a listing or to de-list any or all of the landlord’s listings when the University is aware that the landlord has been subject to three or more incidents in which inspection orders were issued finding municipal code violations on any of the landlord’s properties within the previous twelve-month (12) period.
  3. Kirby Student Center reserves the right to refuse a listing or to de-list any property based on misrepresentation(s) by the landlord in the application for listing with Kirby Student Center.

In the event a landlord or a property has been de-listed by Kirby Student Center under any of these circumstances during the three (3) month term of the listing, the landlord will forfeit any and all fees paid to Kirby Student Center for such listing.

A landlord who is refused listing or is de-listed under the provisions of this program shall not be permitted to re-list for a period of twelve (12) months and then only if the problems with tenant complaints and chronic code violations have been resolved.

Landlord Disclosure

Landlords must provide their tenants, in writing, with the name and address of:
1) The person authorized to manage the premises.
Minn. Stat. Sec. 504B.181, subd. (1) (1) (2002).

2) The owner of the premises or the owner’s authorized agent (the person or entity that will be receiving any notices or demands).
Minn. Stat. Sec. 504B.181, subd. (1) (2) (2002).

In the event the University of Minnesota Duluth shall fail to perform any of its duties under this agreement, the sole remedy of the landlord in connection therewith shall be the termination of this agreement and a refund of the fee attributable to such failure to perform, and in no event shall the University be liable to the owner or others for any damages, of whatever nature, including, but not limited to, consequential, direct, general, or lost profits.

I have read this policy statement and, by signing below, represent the properties listed under my ownership as being in compliance with the policy.


Landlord Name (print)

Please print this agreement (Browser Print button), and return this agreement with your payment. Your listing will not be activated/renewed unless we have this signed agreement on file.

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