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Rewarding the Bulldog best & brightest

Bulldogs go above and beyond. Our annual student awards recognize not just the best and brightest among the student body, but they also give students a chance to say thanks to a member of the staff or faculty who have gone the extra mile to make UMD a better place. Nominations are accepted in the spring each year, and recipients are honored at a ceremony that celebrates both our sung and unsung heroes.

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Award Recipients 2017

Outstanding Staff

Michele Hatcher
Kathy Sandstedt

Outstanding Academic Adviser

Michele Hatcher
David Saftner

Outstanding Faculty

Erin Ayala
Evan Brier
Kevin Diebel
Romesh Lakhan

Outstanding Student Organization Adviser

Jose Carrillo
Erin Sheets

Outstanding Student Organization

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Siggelkow Award

Deisha Rodriguez

Featherman Award

Shiva Persaud
Leadership Award
Claire Barnes
Leah Wahl

Bulldog Award (Graduate Student)

Jonathan Beaulieu
Bryce Hansen
Manoj Naik Prakash

Bulldog Awards (Undergraduate Students)

Alex Chun
Allison Fairchild
Tayler Hebner
Chet Peterson
Adam Reinhardt
Sarah Stauner

Sieur Du Luth Award

Jireh Mabamba

Arrowhead Awards

Alpha Delta – Nu Mu

Jake Abel
Broderick Skala
Camren Ziebol

Feminist Consciousness United

Lydia Goustin
Caiti Marks
Willow McGraw
Amanda Szczech
Tasha Tart

Greek Life

Ahmed Almanaseer
Alexander Dye
Anthony Mavetz
Kylee Pass

International Club

Nahir Hurtado
Javier Lara
Xue Moua
Trinh Tran
Yunie Xiong

Kappa Xi Delta

Beth Gjevre
Debora Midence

Master of Social Work Student Association

Nicole Korstad
Megan Wagner

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group

Christy Atkinson
Shawn Bourgeois
Micki Grover
Dani Grutkoski
Bukola Ibitoye

Phi Sigma Sigma

Katie Burke
Laura Cheezig
Jessica Faacks
Britany Howel
Jennifer Xiong

Pre-Dental Club

Natalie Kohner
Jasmin Mellesmoen
Ashley Swanson

Rotaract Club

Delaney Urban

Society of Women Engineers

Jena Ambe
Tayler Hebner
Linnea Wollan

Students Today Leaders Forever

Lindsey Borel
Geneva Larche

The Basement: 103.3 FM

Melissa Lager

UMD Student Association

Miles Barnidge
Erin Gustafson
Mati Hanson
Nathan Herman
Mike Purtell

Women in Business

Christine Hovet
Keke Sirjord

Women in Engineering and Science

Delaney Coy
Erin Finney
Laura Geyen
Katelyn Koval

Women's Ultimate Frisbee LakEffect

Leah Barrett
Shannon Mathews
Sam Munkeby
Mac Olson
Hannah Peterson

About the Awards

Student Awards:

Arrowhead Award
The Arrowhead Award is given for exemplary service to a student organization. Each organization or representative may honor up to five individual members of their group per year.

Bulldog Award: Graduate and Undergraduate
The Bulldog Award honors students who have served in at least one area where their outstanding service has positively affected the University community in the past calendar year. Undergraduate recipients are typically juniors or seniors.

Featherman Award
The purpose of the Featherman Award is to publicly recognize and honor the student or students who have best exhibited, by personal example and actions, accomplishments that encourage greater understanding between diverse groups.

Leadership Award
The Leadership Award is given to first- or second-year undergraduate students who have served in at least one area where their exemplary service and leadership qualities have positively affected the University community in the past calendar year.

Outstanding Student Organization Award
This award is given to the registered student organization that has displayed outstanding growth and support of its members, as well as demonstrated outstanding service to the University and/or greater community in the past academic year.

Sieur Du Luth Award
The Sieur Du Luth Award is the highest award given to a UMD undergraduate. It honors exemplary service of three or more years to student organizations, the University, and the community. It can be awarded only once to a student or students who expect to graduate within one semester following the award, or who have graduated within one semester preceding the award.

Faculty/Staff Awards:

Outstanding Academic Adviser
This award is given to an academic adviser who has gone above and beyond requirements in their position. The winner displays a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the students advised.

Outstanding Faculty
This award is given to a member or members of the faculty who display outstanding abilities in the realm of teaching and instruction, calling particular attention to their contributions to the UMD community; to the educational advancement of students; and to the general pursuit of knowledge by all.

Outstanding Staff
This award is given to any non-student, non-faculty employee of the University--P&A, Civil Service, AFSCME or Teamster--who has demonstrated support and concern for the wellbeing of students and the University. The individual or individuals go above and beyond the requirements of their position to aid students.

Outstanding Adviser to a Student Organization
The winner of this award is one who has gone beyond requirements as an adviser to a student organization, and who has displayed a genuine commitment to fostering the growth and development of the student organization in the past academic year.