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The UMD Leadership Certificate:

A few easy steps, one amazing opportunity.


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Congratulations to our 2018 KLI Certificate Recipients!

Fardowsa Abinoor 
Courtney Anderson
Akquaa Anye
Ntsang Anye
Kelsey Baker 
Audrey Baumgartner 
Merhawi Berhane
Laura Brixius
Kaylie Brooks 
Katherine Burke 
Alice Bygd 
Sean Carpenter
Allegra Ceglar 
Carly Christensen 
Katherine Connor 
Sagenda Daye 
Persabelle Debela 
Abygayle DeGoey
Allison Fairchild 
Eunice Galamue
Hannah Garrett 
Chris Gass
Maria Jose Gomez 
Raquel Halldorson 
Emily Hartman 
Carly Hiti 
Jennifer Hoof 
Jefrina Jayaraj
Allison Krueger 
Katelyn Kunde 
Tessa Lasky 
Cindy Leung
Carly Madden 
Andrew Manoleff 
Luke McCutcheon 
Nathan McDonald 
Shayna Mellesmoen
Amanda Minder 
Sara Minder 
Madiha Mirza 
Nawal Mirza 
Lauren Moe 
Angela Paulson 
Rachel Poss
Jordan Potts
Moriah Reeves 
Natasha Reister 
Orianna Scherer
Benenon Shannon 
Kaitlyn Shelley 
Madelaine Sinclair 
Jacob Siow 
Daniel Smerz 
Ellie Strafelda 
Kaitlyn Thomson 
Thomas Tran 
Megan Traxler 
Lyzeette Velez 
Kalley Waller 
Jordan Woodland 
Michaela Wurdelman 
Steven Zakrajsek

Kirby Leadership Institute is a free program open to all interested undergraduate students at UMD.  You will earn the UMD Leadership Certificate through your own motivation, hard work, and documenting your leadership journey.

When you have completed the KLI requirements you will receive the UMD Leadership Certificate at the annual student awards ceremony along with a medal of achievement and a four-five page Leadership Portfolio documenting all of your leadership activities.

Getting through this program won't just get you another piece of paper. It'll give you the edge that you need in the search for a job or advanced schooling and the search for your best self!

How do I earn the UMD Leadership Certificate?

How do I earn the UMD Leadership Certificate with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership?

How do I earn the UMD Leadership Certificate with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership?

How do I earn the UMD Leadership Certificate with an emphasis in Sustainability Education?