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Policy on Use of the UMD Network

Last Revision: June 14, 2013

The purpose of this document is to describe the terms and conditions that govern networked computer systems connected to the UMD network. The UMD network is an ethernet-backbone network that was installed by and is under the direct technical and administrative stewardship of UMD Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS). The network provides the entire campus and our remote sites with continuous shared information communications services.

Customer and ITSS Responsibilities

Nearly all computer systems at UMD are connected to the UMD network. Departments or individuals at UMD can and should be granted access to the campus networking system if their sole purpose is to promote and serve the mission of the University of Minnesota and this campus. Users of the network are responsible for keeping their computers secure and up-to-date in order to protect the network.

It is the responsibility of ITSS to see that this network runs securely and efficiently for the benefit of the entire campus. All proposed changes or additions to the network must therefore be studied carefully and tested thoroughly by ITSS staff. ITSS must also monitor the network continually in order to avoid problems and act quickly and decisively when problems do develop.

Wired versus Wireless

The UMD network supports both wired and wireless connections. A wired connection will, in general, perform better than a wireless connection and will be necessary to support high-performance applications. ITSS will work with individuals and units on campus to resolve any wireless issues that might arise.

Networking Equipment

Networking equipment such as routers, switches, wireless access points, and hubs will be added to the network as needed by ITSS. Departments and individuals will not be allowed to add networking equipment to the campus network.

Computer Security Requirements

Computers connected to the UMD network must comply with all security requirements of the University of Minnesota and UMD. This includes appropriate configuration, maintaining up-to-date system software (patches), use of anti-virus software, and passing of University scans.

Network Problems

ITSS will monitor network equipment and traffic on the network in order to anticipate and correct network-related problems. ITSS reserves the right to disconnect any computer from the network, either temporarily or permanently, if it is causing network-related problems or is vulnerable to attack due to incomplete security configurations. The owner of the computer may be held accountable for ITSS staff time required to track down any network problem that is finally traced back to their system. The owner will also be responsible for ensuring that any problems are corrected.

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