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Email Services for UMD Alumni

Email for Life and Sponsored Internet Accounts

Last Revised: May 27, 2008

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) provides an email account, under either the Email-for-Life program or the Sponsored-Internet program, to UMD alumni.

Email for Life

Starting with the graduating class of spring 2003, UMD provides graduating seniors with a free email account after they graduate. Email for Life is designed to encourage alumni to stay in touch with UMD. The account will remain open as long as it is used. You must actually log in to your email account using your user name and password in order to keep it active.

After two years, email accounts that have not been used in the previous six months will be closed. Thereafter we will check every six months and close accounts that have not been used during that six month period. Remember that you must log into your email account using your user name and password in order to keep it open.

Alumni will have access to the campus wireless network when visiting campus. Email for Life accounts will not have access to the UMD modem pool. Alumni will not retain their personal web space after graduation. To retain the information in your personal web space, move it to to the electronic Portfolio before graduating. The University will continue to provide alumni access to their electronic Portfolios. Alumni will have 5 gigabytes of storage available in their portfolios.

Sponsored Internet

Alumni who graduated prior to spring 2003 are not eligible for a free email account, due to lack of funding. These alumni are eligible for a Sponsored Internet Account. Sponsored Internet Accounts provide more services than Email for Life, including login access to various UMD computer systems, a web presence, and the UMD modem pool. The Alumni Office will serve as sponsor for these accounts. Those who use a Sponsored Internet account will be billed monthly for this service. Accounts will remain open as long as bills are paid. This may be a cost-effective option for alumni in the Duluth area. Please complete the application form and contact the UMD Alumni Office for sponsorship.

Processes for both Email for Life and Sponsored Internet Accounts

Alumni are expected to abide by the UMD Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology. In particular, your alumni account is not to be used for business purposes. Please purchase a commercial account if you need an account for business purposes.

Alumni will not be able to access the UMD Library's electronic resources remotely. See Remote Access to UMD Library's Electronic Resources.

There will be a limit of 30 megabytes on the amount of disk storage that alumni will be allocated in their email accounts. When a mailbox gets too large, it will be moved to a different location where it can still be accessed. ITSS will remove the oldest of these moved mailboxes once the account exceeds the disk storage limit of 30 megabytes. Because of this limit, alumni are encouraged to weed out old files and to unsubscribe from any unwanted mailing lists before leaving the campus.

ITSS will have a process for reloading files that might be deleted before alumni have a chance to review them or save them elsewhere. This process is time consuming for ITSS staff, so there will be an hourly charge for this service. Please contact the ITSS help desk at or 218-726-8847 if you need this service or if you experience any other problems with your email account.

If you wish to set email forwarding to have your email forwarded from your UMD email account to another account, you can do it from this page: Forwarding your email. It only applies to your UMD email account. Even if you have your UMD email forwarded, you must still log in every six months to keep your account active.

Alumni Office Services

Finally, please don't forget to check out the many services for alumni provided by our Alumni Office. Here you will find an alumni directory, newsletter, calendar of events, email forwarding, and other services.

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