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Windows 7 and 8 Printing

1. Open and unzip the HP print drivers suite for Windows 8. Select "Yes" to accept. Run in traditional mode. Select "Install".

2. Select "The printer that I want isn't listed"

3. Select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP Address or hostname" . Select "Next"

4. Uncheck "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use"

5. Type "UMD-uniprint" in the "Printer Name or IP address" field.

Screenshot: Type a printer hostname or IP address

6. Select "Custom" and "Settings".

Screenshot: Additional port information required

7. Select "LPR"

8. In the Queue Name field, type "BW" for Black & White printing OR type "Color" for Color printing and select "OK".

Screenshot: Configure standard TCP/IP port monitor

9. Select "HP Universal Printing PS". Select "Next"

10. Type "UMD Black & White" in the Printer name field. Select "Next". It will install the printer. This may take a few minutes.

11. Choose not to share the printer. Then select "Next"

12. Choose if you want this to be the default printer and click next.

13. Let the HP universal printing installer finish. Then select "Finish".