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Techfest Presenters


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
CLA Web Development - Dan Lackore Google Chatter
Writing Studies – Marty Sozansky and David Beard EXCITE in CLA – the EXCITE in CLA meets to connect faculty who are innovating their teaching through the uses of technology
Writing Studies (Linguistics) - Chongwon Park and Nabil Cheikh Jabberwocky: the parts of speech learning software
Writing Studies – John Hatcher, Brett Adkin, Alicia Lebens, Lauren Renneke, Lucas Wieneke – Using Technology to tell the stories of a community
CLA Web Development - Peter Angelos and Dan Lackore Google Form-Driven Dashboard including survey tools with live web/graphic "dashboard" reporting
ITSS - Aaron Caveny Google Hangout
ITSS - Jason Davis Google: The Big Picture
ITSS - Jay Knute Google+: A quick look at Google+ and the other things it brings to the table
Finance and Management Information Sciences - Abram Anders Creating custom assessment and feedback tools with Google Scripts
Writing Studies - Brandy Hoffmann and Jill Jenson Using ePortfolio communities to create learning portfolios for authentic assessment
Foreign Languages and Literatures - Michael Mullins, Dan Nolan, Pete Willemsen, Mariana Waisman, Dana Lindaman, and Jake Caceres German grammar made easier using the Apple iPad and iPad project in general
Foreign Languages and Literatures - Michael Mullins and students along with Carl Berwald, Sean Breid, Yan Jiang, and Abigail Kallas German grammar made easier using the Apple iPad and the iPad German grammar app that is currently being worked on
GIS - Stacey Stark, Steve Graham, and Micaella Kinzli UMD interactive campus map, County Hazard Mitigation Plans, Great Lakes Northern Harvest Food Bank map support, Cloquet River Archaeology, and Sustainable Agriculture Project
Financial Aid and Registrar - Theresa Orso, Sharon Witherspoon and Patty Johnson One Stop Student Services
First Year Experience and Students in Transition - Jeni Eltink, Academic Affairs - Mary Keenan and ITSS - Bruce Reeves UMD on Facebook: Social Media for Student Success
Career Services - Sonja Olsen, Sherrill Yeaton, Ellen Hatfield, Justine Eggers, Ashlee Hartwig, Zach Lyons, Abby Mlinar, Dayna Nielsen, and Andrew Rice Benefits of using social media, "Like" Your Future: Using Social Media on a College Campus
External Affairs - Cheryl Reitan Planning for a Redesign of the UMD Homepage
ITSS - Andy Manteuffel, Melissa Jokela Web page information
Human Resources and Equal Opportunity - Darren Nelson, Lindsey Carlson, RJ Potter, and Kaitlyn Steffen Introducing prospective employees to the online employment system and other Human Resources and Equal Opportunity web functions
Multimedia Hub - Mary Olson-Reed, Hub Students and LSBE Team-VHI Amazing student projects.
Education - Terrie Shannon and Helen Rallis Using iPads and iPods in education
Education - Insoon Han and Suzanne Jokela-Moskovits How to use Chimeln, a powerful and fun web-based student response tool
Education - David McCarthy and Jiyoon Yoon Department of Education Technology Certificate Program
Social Work - Kathy Heltzer, Rita Ohman, and Bryana Cook MSW Program Web Site: Resources Abound Here--web development for a small department
Disability Resources - Emily Norenberg and Disability Resources students Jamie and Casssidy Talk to Me! An overview and comparison of e-readers, text to speech capabilities and Smart Pens
School of Fine Arts - Arden Weaver and Shixing Wen Glensheen Historical Archives Converted to Digital Media (Historic Research Initiatives in the UMD d-Commons)
UMD Library - Doreen Hansen, Gail Trygstad, Pam Enrici, Kim Pittman, Gabriel Gardner, Martha Eberhart, and Jodi Grebinoski Your Information Destination.


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
ITSS - Lisa Fitzpatrick, Mary Olson-Reed, Michele Olson, Eric Stykel, Mac Kendema UMD YouTube!
UMD Library - Tess Linval, Martha Eberhart, Sarah Beaubien, Gail Trygstad, Jodi Carlson, Kay Westergren, Jim Vileta, Doreen Hansen Your Information Destination
Communication Sciences & Disorders - Jolene Hyppa Martin, Meghan Kuznia, Brittany Kucko, Alex Tarsi, Jaci Carr, Emily Knutson, Faith Boie, Moriah Mattevi Talk with Your Eyes: Technology for Communication Disorder
Amy Renne, Michele Hatcher AND Student Affairs: CEHSP, CLA, LSBE, SCSE, SFA What Does Changing my College/Major Have to Do With Graduation Planner?
University Relations - Cheryl Reitan Web Calendar of Events
ITSS - Andy Manteuffel UMD Templates
Disability Resources - Judy Bromen, Emily Norenberg AT: Something to Write Home About
ITSS - Melissa Jokela, David Hallberg, Josh Stahnke, Jaideep Umraiya Fun with Flash
Knowledge Management Center - Lisa Reeves, Zach Paddelford, Richard Needham, Brianna Bieniek, Ben Johnson Adviser Connect and Graduation Planner
Knowledge Management Center - Paul Treuer, Shannon Godsey ePortfolio
Knowledge Management Center - Alex Jokela Portfolio - iPhone & iPod Touch App
College of Pharmacy - Adam Moren Two Mac Minis and a MediaMill
ITSS - Jason Davis, Amanda Evans, Bruce Reeves Class Capture
Geographic Information Science Lab - Stacey Stark, Steve Graham, Deb Richards, Zach Guttormson, Andrea Duca Current Research in GISL
Geological Sciences - Bryan Bandli Scanning Electron Microscope Lab: Campus Resource for Teaching and Research
ITSS - Dan Ellis, Frank Simmons, Roger Petry Joel Ness, Mandy Johnson, Jay Knute, Sally Bradt,
Wendy Caveny
Security and Support
Human Resources - Lita Wallace, Mary Cameron, Barb Gunderson, Tanisha Lee, Darren Nelson, Rachel Gilbertson UMD HR At your Service
Career Services - Sonja Olson, Student Assistants: Elizabeth, Ashley, Ashlee,Chris Wow ‘Em in your Interview
CLA - Peter Angelos, Chad Johnson Rich Media Delivery and the Law
Financial Aid and Registrar - Theresa Orso and Student Assistants Student Assistance Center
Department of Education - Helen Mongan-Rallis, Terrie Shannon, Barbara Johnson Showcase of Educational Technology Innovations
Department of Education - David McCarthy, Jiyoon Yoon, Terrie Shannon UofMN Technology Certificate


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Steve Downing and members of Anatomy, Microbiology and Pathology Evolution of the Teaching of Histology Through Changing Technology - Anatomy, Microbiology and Pathology
Joel Ness Mac(s) Through the Years - ITSS
  Emergency Preparedness: Safety and Security at UMD -
ITSS and UMD Police Department
Sally Bradt, Dan Ellis, Mark Shetka, Roger Petry, Mandi Johnson,
Joel Ness and Frank Simmons
Desktop Security Update - ITSS, AND RECYCLE BOX
Pam Griffin and Judy Bromen Assistive Technology: Then and Now - Disability Services and Resources (DS&R)
Amber Szerpicki, Phil McCollam and
Syed Zair Ali Jafri
UMD Student Web Contest 2008 Winners
Jodi Carlson, Martha Eberhart, Kay Westergren, Pam Enrici, Jim Vileta, Gail Trygstad, Sunshine Carter UMD Library: Your Information Destination. Blasts from the past plus 2.0, RSS feeds, texting, widgets, new databases, digitizing your own LPs, new catalog functionality in the near future, and more!
Kathy Heltzer, Karen Nichols, and others with the Social Work Department MSW Program On-Line Resources - Social Work Department
Sonja Olson, Elizabeth, Ashley, Ashlee, Stacey Career Implications for Interview Stream and ePortfolio - Career Services
Chad Johnson and Peter Angelos Mobile Vodcasting Cart - College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
Lisa Reeves and Carol Kivi (CEHSP) Adviser Email Connect - Knowledge Management Center
Lisa Reeves Graduation Planner - Knowledge Management Center
Paul Treuer ePortfolio - Knowledge Management Center
Melissa Jokela, Amanda Evans and Jason Davis Gradebooks through the Years - ITSS
Mary Olson-Reed , Lisa Fitzpatrick, Marian Kramer, Phil McCollam, Daniel Oyinloye and Troy Fokken Media Technology Past & Present - ITSS
Stacey Stark, Steve Gazdik, Matt McLess, Shirley Tillman, Nick Salo and Dr. Mike Mageau Projects in the Geographic Information Sciences Lab - Geographic Information Sciences Lab
Stacey Stark, Nick Salo, and Brody Sunderland Wind Resource Mapping - Center for Sustainable Community Development/Geographic Information Sciences Lab
Jolene Hyppa Martin, Abby Linder, Brittney Kucko Eye Gaze Computers and other Technology for Individuals with Communication Disorders - Communication, Sciences, and Disorders
Terrie Shannon, Helen Rallis, Jiyoon Yoon, and Karen Plass "Back in the Day" to SMART Boards, Moodle, Google docs, RSS, and LOL - Department of Education
Dr. David McCarthy, Terrie Shannon, and Jiyoon Yoon Certificate in Education Computing and Technology - Department of Education
Dana Luehr and Kristen Norlander Teaching Keyboarding & Computer Applications to the K-8 Learner - Department of Education
Derek Zimney and Clean Snowmobile Challenge Team Clean Snowmobile Challenge - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
Teresa Orso, Scott Miller and Megan Witt Office of Financial Aid & Registrar Past and Present


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
J.D. Hoverman, Ben. Anderson, Marian Stachowicz Rule-Base Reduction for Linguistic Model Laboratory for Intelligent Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kathleen Neff, Frank Garcia, Jefferson Campbell SmartMusic
Department of Music
Syed Zair Jafri, Tiffany Szerpicki, Rick Bergfalk Student Web Contest Winners
Mary Olson-Reed, ITSS, Eve Browning, Philosophy, Trista Vucetich Anderson, Communication, Mike Wadding Video media for Class Projects, ITSS
Derek Zimney, Nate Warfield, Adam Bartie, Toney Wells, Chris Callender, Nick Struntz, Nate Warfield, Pat Shaver, Derek Pederson, Jason Staab, Kevin Stagman, Shane OBrien, Josh Stratton, Nolan Van Eps, Derek Zimney, John Kalinowski, David Walker, Parker Haffley, Kyle Suomala, Brad Aho, Ryan Fischer.  Faculty Sponsor: Stanley Burns 2007 Clean Snowmobile Challenge Modification of 2006 Polaris FST to run on E85 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lisa Fitzpatrick, Melissa Jokela, Andrew Larson, Phil Mccullom, Alex Erickson Video Animation, Games Symposium & Kiosk, ITSS
Pam Griffin, Judy Bromen UD 24/7, Disability Services & Resources
Aaron R. Boyson, Ryan Goei, Paul Skalski Using Technology to Study Communication, Department of Communication
Rick Brill, Tom Pielow, Corey Wolff, Bryan LaCore ITSS Full Access Computer Lab Services, ITSS
Jolene Hyppa Martin, Megan Sharstrom, Katie Baxter, Patricia George Eye-gaze, Speech Generating Computers: The Latest in Assistive Technology for Communication, Communications Sciences & Disorders
Curtis Phillips, Colin Riebel, Mark Harvey Virtual Lighting for the Theatre, Theatre Department
Chad Johnson Curriculum and Support Development, Student Affairs and Advising Center, College of Liberal Arts
Mary Keenan, Pam Spencer, Suzanne Lyndon, Jayme Johnson Enhancing Advising with Technology, CLA Student Affairs & Advising Center (SAAC)
Stacey Stark, Paul Perinchef, Paul Hood, Andy Scribbins Interactive Web Mapping and GIS modeling, Geographic Information Sciences Lab
Doreen Hansen, Sunshine Carter, Kay Westergren, Pam Enrici, Jim Vileta, Rory Litwin, Mary Carlson UMD Library: Your information destination, UMD Library
Sonja Olsen, Tiffany Varilek, Meghan Keil, Tyler Lidke, Ashley Brown, Stacey Jorgenson, Kristy Smith - Career Services Peer Assistants Discover Online Interview Practice, Career Services
Lisa Rigoni Reeves Graduation Planner: What Courses Do I Need to Take and When Do I Need to Take Them? Knowledge Management Center (KMC)
Paul Treuer, Alex Jokela Portfolio, Knowledge Management Center (KMC)
Elaine M Ruzycki, Jerry Henneck, Norm Will, John Ameel, George Host, Rich Axler Data for Discovery and Decision-Making, NRRI-Center for Water and Environment
Gerry Sjerven, Paul Meysembourg Land Use/ Stormwater Planning Tools for Duluth Township Landowners, Natural Resources Research Institute GIS Lab
Peter Angelos, CLA Access On Line- Captioning and Transcripts, CLA
Jason Davis, ITSS, Angela Sharp, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, John Kowalczyk, HPER, Chad Pierson, Math/Stats Clickers! Student Response Systems, ITSS
Melanie Shepard, Social Work, Gary Westorff On-line Resources Available from the National Education Association, The American Federation of Teachers and Education Minnesota
Joel Ness, Roger Petry, Frank Simmons, Dan Ellis, Mark Shetka, Mandi Johnson ITSS Desktop Support
Barbara Gundersen, Jessica Robey, Clay Sharkey, Ashton Portner ONLINE EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM, Human Resources
David McCarthy, Terrie Shannon, Jiyoon Yoon, Daniel Glisczinski Educational Computing and Technology Certificate Program, Department of Education
David McCarthy, Terrie Shannon, Jiyoon Yoon, Daniel Glisczinski Explore What’s New in Educational Computing & Technology, Mini Training Sessions (Ballroom C – refer to separate schedule for featured presentations), Department of Education
Dana Luehr Keyboarding Initiative, Department of Education
Jim Antilla, Amanda Evans, and Karen Plass, CEHSP; Helen Mongan-Rallis, Education; Carol Kivi,, John Taylor, and Kathy Dowell, Psychology CEHSP Online Experiences
Theresa Orso, Sherry Dunaisky, Jake Welle, & Alison Tange, Nathan Flottum, Stephanie Barron, Scott Miller Financial Aid and Registrar Student Self-Service Web Sites, Office of Financial Aid and Registrar
Dave Clark, Lorrie Kinn, Beret Amundson, Karl Novek, Cindy Claus, Eric Freberg, Christine Lovejoy, Wendy Zolnowski, ITSS FAMIS – Facility Management’s Work and Materials Management Software, Facilities Management


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Marian Stachowicz, Lace Beall, David Olsen, Lucas May, and Ben Anderson Digital Fuzzy Sets and Multivalued Logic
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Frank Simmons, Mark Shetka, Joel Ness, Dan Ellis, Amanda Johnson and Roger Petry Keeping Your Computer Healthy; ITSS
Theresa Orso, Scott Miller, Kayla Johnson and Sherry Dunaisky New and Innovative On-line Features for Financial Aid and Registration; The Student Assistance Center (SAC) Office of Financial Aid and Registrar
Karl Johnson Interactive APAS and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC) ; Office of Financial Aid and Registrar
Char Harkins, HPER, John Kowalczyk, HPER, Chad Pierson, MATH, Angela Sharp, MATH,  Jason Davis, ITSS Clickers – Student Response Systems at UMD; ITSS
Stacey Stark and Paul Perinchef Geographic Information Sciences Lab – Current Activities; Geography
Wendy Zolnowsky, Debbie Wing, and Julie Viken ITSS Enterprise Systems; ITSS
Shelly McCauley Jugovich and Shelley Smith WebCT Vista:  Making It Work for You; ITSS and IDS
Doreen Hanson, Gail Trygstad, Jim Vileta, Rory Litwin, Pam Enrici, Kay Westergren, Martha Eberhart,  and Tom Ambrosi UMD Library: Your Information Destination; Library
Kathy Heltzer,  Karen Nichols and Joan Hendershot Using the Web to Better Serve MSW Students and Human Service Agencies; Social Work Department
Mary Olson-Reed, Calley O’Neil, Tyler Malay, Dan Oyinloye, and Kelly Gunelson Video Editing Productions/Equipment Then & Now; ITSS Multi Media Hub
George Host, Rich Axler, and Norm Will Minnesota Beaches:  Visualizations for Lake Superior Beach Advisories; NRRI
Rich Axler, Jane Reed, Elaine Ruzycki, Norm Will, Jerry Henneck and George Host (NRRI); Cindy Hagley and Jesse Schomberg (MN Sea Grant); Bruce Munson (Education) Making stormwater and stream data come alive for limnologists, citizens, students, resource agencies and decision-makers; NRRI
Bryan LaCore and Jeff Sharkey Student Web Contest Winners
Dr. Jane A.K. Carlson and Andrea Whittlef How to Create an I-Movie; Health Physical Education and Recreation
Lisa Fitzpatrick, Mahesh Joshi, Kristin Riker-Coleman and Alex Erickson Games and Viz Lab Research Project – Emerging Technology; ITSS/VDIL
Pam Griffin and Judy Bromen Surf the Net with Your Eyes Closed; Disability Services and Resources
UMD Assistive Technology Team: Mags David - Library, John Cagle - UMD Student, Judy Bromen - Disability Services and Resources, Pam Griffin - Disability Services and Resources, Kyle Harris - Library, Mary Olson-Reed - ITSS, Roger Petry - ITSS, Lita Wallace - UMD Human Resources UMD Assistive Technology Team - Campus Survey
Jolene Hyppa Martin High Tech Tech in the Field of Speech & Language Pathology: Operate a computer using only yours eyes! Communications Sciences and Disorders
Sonja Olson and Peer Assistants Preparing for the Perfect Interview; Career Services
Paul Treuer Using Portfolio; Knowledge Management Center (KMC)
Lisa Rigoni Reeves Grad Planner – How It Can Help You; Knowledge Management Center (KMC)
Lisa Rigoni Reeves, Amy Renne and Sue Darge Facebook – Private or Public? Knowledge Management Center
Lisa Pratt Improved On-Line Alumni Network; Alumni Office
David McCarthy, Yiyoon Yoon, Dana Luehr, Dan Glisczinski, Terrie Shannon Education Computing and Technology Certificate Program; Department of Education
Dana Luehr and Candidates in Education 3416/5416 Teaching Elementary Keyboarding and Computer Applications; Department of Education
Terrie Shannon and Helen Mongan-Rallis How to Use Wikis and Blogs in Education; Department of Education
Trudie Hughes, Sue Damme and Karen Plass Assistive Technology and M.Ed. Program Hybrid Online Programs; Department of Education


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Lisa Valdez, Sandy Pederson, Ravi Bharadia , Andy Breckenridge, Pete Border 2D & 3D Animation; Information Technology Systems and Services Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
Debbie Wing, Wendy Zolnowski Document Imaging, Data Warehouse, and Enterprise Programming; Information Technology Systems and Services
David McCarthy, Jiyoon Yoon Educational Computing and Technology Certificate Program; Education
Dana Luehr New Keyboarding Certificate Program; Education
Helen Mongan-Rallis, Sue Damme, Terrie Shannon, students Technology in Master of Education Program and Undergrad Education Classes; Education
Peter Angelos Technology Program and Initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts; College of Liberal Arts
Adilbec Karaguishiyev & Marian Stachowicz Intelligent Stethoscope; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Amy Kimmes, Heather Carlson, Sharon Witherspoon, Sherry Dunaisky, Renee Saamanen, Angie Nicolas, Barb Gunderson New and Innovative Financial Aide and Registration Features; Financial Aid and Registrar
Jolene Hyppa Martin, Mark Mizuko, Angie Fellman, Stacia Syrett, Katie Welsh Eye Gaze Computer Aid: A high tech tool to help people with communication disorders; Communication Sciences and Disorders
Don Krueger Use of iPod for presentations; Labovitz School of Business and Economics
Kathy Heltzer Master of Social Work Field Program On-Line Resources; Social Work
Jane Carlson, Mike Brindise How to Create an iMovie; Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Mark Shetka, Frank Simmons, Roger Petry, Joel Ness, Dan Ellis, Jay Knute, Melissa Jokela Desktop Computer Support and How to Handle Your Spam Filters; Information Technology Systems and Services
Mary Olson-Reed, Calley O’Neil, Tyler Manlay, Rick Brill Multimedia Hub and Student Technology Assistance Center; Information Technology Systems and Services
Doreen Hansen, Library Staff University of Minnesota Duluth Library: Your Information Destination; Library
Robert Sand Webdrop Folders; Information Technology Systems and Services
Andrew Manteuffel Take Credit Card Payments Online; Information Technology Systems and Services
Pam Griffin, Judy Bromen Listen for Better Reading; Disability Services and Resources
Tom Bacig Creating a fully accessible online course; Sociology-Anthropology
Sarah Paro, Doug Mulley Information Technology Systems and Services Helpdesk; Information Technology Systems and Services
Robyn Zolen, Brian Linder, Jon Penning, Tong Moua, John Fredrickson, Siep Joshi, Jason Sprenger, Tim Delf, Aashish Parmar, Paul Crotteau, Prab Cheema Creating Intelligence Autonomous Ground Vehicles – Mobile Robots; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Meysembourg, Gerald Sjerven Geographic Information Systems Project and Natural Resources; Natural Resources Research Institute Geographic Information Systems Lab
George Host, Rich Axler, Elaine Ruzycki, Jerry Henneck, Norm Will, Bruce Munson Advanced Technologies for acquiring, visualizing and interpreting water quality data in lakes and streams; Natural Resources Research Institute
John Kowalczyk, Jason Davis Using Interactive Technology in the Classroom - Student Response Systems; Health, Physical Education and Recreation and Information Technology Systems and Services
Mike Mueller, Pao Thao, Tou Vue, Jason Springer, Jon Champ, Lee Gilbertson Autonomous Ground Vehicle Control; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Britt Buerskin, Steve Johnson Rapid Prototyping and Design; Natural Resources Research Institute Northern Lights Technology Center
Lisa Rigoni Reeves, Sonja Olsen Planning Your Future and Reflecting (Portfolio); College of Education and Human Service Professions and Career Services
Diane Curelli, Katie Brosch Glacial Proxies of East Anarctic shiel basement in Wilkes Land, Antarctica; Geological Sciences
Stacy Stark Geographic Information Systems Projects in the Geographic Information Science Laboratory; Geography
Roger Bannister, Meling Moy, Jeffrey Sharkey Student Web Contest Winners
Ron Moen, Gerald Niemi Global Positioning System Technology and Canada Lynx; Natural Resources Research Institute


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Sarah M. Westberg, Michael Brown, Kristin Janke, Todd Sorensen, Patricia Lind The Use of Digital Videotaping as a Self Assessment and Teaching Tool; College of Pharmacy
Cory Vandenberghe, Jon Kratz Live/Archive Video Library; Labovitz School of Business and Economics
James Kleven, Erik Kopperud Visualization for Robotic Manipulator; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Matthew Coleman, Carol Kivi Simplifying Online Education –Online Courses and Courseware; Psychology
Marian S. Stachowicz, Joe Peterson, Matt Webb Image Processing: undergraduate research and Wireless Technology with classroom applications; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cheryl Reitan, Patty Delano Alumni News/UMD Home Page; University Relations
Maureen Tobin Stanley Humility and Plan B: Humbling Nature of implementing technology in the classroom yet the drive to perservere; Foreign Languages and Literatures
Jane A.K. Carlson Use of I-Movies in College Course Assignment; Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Drew Digby, Catherine Winter Audio and Design Initiatives in Journalism; Composition
Pam Griffin DO-IT Admin: Accommodation Resources; Access Center
Stacey Stark Geographic Information Sciences Laboratory. What is GIS? What happens in the GIS Lab?; Geography
Terrie Shannon, Education Tech Faculty Educational Computing and Technology Certificate Programs and other Education Tech Stuff; Education
Lisa Valdez DVD of examples of research in the VDIL; Information Technology Systems and Services Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
Tim Stratton, Rod Carter, Melissa Bumgardner Large Class Clinical Case Discussions on Multiple Campuses Using Interactive TV; College of Pharmacy
Mark Mizuko Assistive Technology – Eye-Gaze Response Interface Computer Aid; Communication Sciences and Disorders
Laura Carlson, Andy Manteuffel Web Design References and University of Minnesota Duluth Templates; Information Technology Systems and Services
Morris Levy, Nic Matack, Laurelyn Keener Automatic Tracking Applications in Biomechanics; Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Teresa Orso Office of Financial Aid and Registrar and Student Self-Service Web Sites; Financial Aid and Registrar
Doreen Hansen, Gail Trygstad, Kay Westergren, Pam Enrici, Tom Malefatto UMD Library: New Technologies; Library
Paul Treuer, Bryce Howitson, Jill Jenson, Lisa Rigoni Reeves ePortfolio; Academic Support and Student Life, College of Liberal Arts, College of Education and Human Service Professions
Steve Downing Histoart; School of Medicine
Donna Forbes NeuroTime: A Computer Program for Teaching and Learning Neuroanatomy; School of Medicine
Debbie Wing Document Imaging; Information Technology Systems and Services
Sue Damme, Joan Varney Online Learning; Education
  Student Web Contest Winners


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Donna Forbes, Arlen Severson NeuroTime, A Computer Program for Teaching and Learning Neuroanatomy
Morris Levy, Nic Matack, Duane Millslagle Comparative Kinematics of Regular and Unweighted Running
David McCarthy, Dana Luehr Educational Computing and Technology Curriculum
Dan Gisczinski, Sue Damme, David McCarthy, Terrie Shannon, Helen Rallis Department of Education--Technology Initiatives
Lyle Shannon A Digital Approach to Learning Zoology
Barbara Z. Johnson, Arshia Kahn, Char Harkins, Bob Sand, Brad Ingersoll Using TestPilot at UMD
Doreen Hansen, Pam Enrici, Martha Eberhart, Pat Zierke, Mags David, Kathryn Fuller The UMD Library - Your Information Destination
Lisa Valdez, Harsh Bapat Virtual Reality Wall
Paul Schmitz Live Streaming of Radio Programming at KUMD
Kate Maurer, Kate Ufema Romeo and Juliet Electronic Study Guide
Aaron Slotness Microsoft Conferencing and Media Services
Bud McClure, Carol Kivi Online Individualized Instruction Psychology Courses
Kent Brorson, Veronica Wajda, Racheal Greenwald Internet Solution to Creating, Distributing, Collecting, Analyzing, and Reporting Research Surveys
Cindy Spillers UMD Stuttering Home Page
Karen Keenan, Karen Plass, Terrie Shannon, Cindy Miller Arrowhead Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology (APT3)
Richard Eisenberg Alcoholism: An Interactive Study and Review Program
Kathy Heltzer, Ellie Schoenfeld Video Conferencing For Advising and Other Student Assistance
Marian Stachowicz Colors in the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems
Arden Weaver, Mark Harvey Design/Technical Theatre Laptop Initiative
Tom Nylen, Scott Acheson, Scott Hansen, Josh Richard, Sarah Paro Video Conferencing via the Internet
Paula Pollock Managing Information via the Web
Mary Olson-Reed, Andy Manteuffel Handspring Visor and Wireless Palms
Adam Keim UMD Career Services Website
Alexis Pogorelskin, Justin Yaeger Digitizing History
Paul Treuer, Jill Jenson, Bryce Howitsen, Tom Rutledge Electronic Portfolio: New Functionality
Brad Ingersoll, Mike Scott Personal Response Systems in the Classroom
Dan Corbett Online Professional Development Service for Educators
Miranda Pollock HistoArt and Scientific Design
Matt Beckman, Bob Nygaard, Kelly Gleason, Valerie Rudderforth UMD Athletics Internet Applications
Mike Frederick, Mark Paschke, Jeff Sharkey Student Web Contest Winners
  Technophyte Cohort
Pam Griffin, Roger Petry, Scott Coleman Assistive Technology
Arshia Khan, Paul Deputy Cultural and Global Perspectives on Terrorism
Blake Erickson, Rocia Alba- Flores Mobile Robotics Display
John (Good Guy) Hamlin CLA Academic Planner
Steve Downing Histology Time on CD
Rick Brill IPAQS at UMD


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Pam Griffin, Roger Petry Assistive Technology
Mary Olson-Reed, Andy Manteuffel PDA’s – Personal Digital Assistants
Jim Kolar UMD Computer Corner/PartStock Computer Solutions
Nicole Gilles, Jon Nelson, Adam Weber Student Web Contest 2001 Winners
Lyle Shannon Electric Organ Discharge of Weakly Electronic Fish
Catherine Ishino, William Payne Interdisciplinary Application of Graphic Design and Theatre Design Generating a Video Set for the production of The Bacchae by Euripides
Gary Shute Blood Circulation Simulator
L. Alden Kendall Web Course Presentation Technology
Paul Schmitz Webcasting - KUMD
Chuck Stoetzel CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) Tools
Judith Karon, Lita Wallace, Mary L. Cameron, Ginelle Hammond, Becky Scuteri Human Resources 2001
Jill Jenson, Dorothy Morrison TA On-line Support System Traditional Class Versus Technology Enhanced Class: What’s the Difference in Learning Outcomes?
Joan Karp, Karen Keenen, Bruce Munson, Manuel Barrera APT3 – Arrowhead Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology
Helen Rallis, Dave McCarthy Educational Computing and Technology Certificate
Joan Karp, Lorraine Mitchell Early Childhood Laptop Initiative
Kathy Heltzer, Ellie Schoenfeld Integrating Technology into the Social Work Department
Mark Mizuko, Rachel Komarek, Michelle Tessier Identification of Swallowing Patterns Associated with Dysphagia
Paula Pedersen-Randall, Bud McClure Psychology and Technology
Doreen Hansen, Karen Docherty, Pam Enrice, Martha Eberhart, Paul Hanson, Charlene Brown, Kathryn Fuller, Gail Trygstad The New UMD Library: Your Information Destination – Interactive Klosk, Electronic Books and Databases
Duane Millslagle The NEAT System (Never Ending Athletic Trainer)
Ladona Tornabene Fat Cocktail (Interactive CD-ROM)
Paul Treuer, Bryce Howitson Portfolio: On-line Personal Information Manager
Adam Keim Utilizing the Web to Connect UMD Students and Alumni with Employers
Cheryl Reitan UMD Campus Events Calendar
Haike Friedrichsdorf, Sarah Korpi German... Gone Webbing
Chuck Bosell, Bill Marko, Lynn Gilberg New Nortel Telephones
Erik Larson, Jeff Carlson Computer Aided Drafting in Facilities Management
Bruce A. Wambheim Course Web Sites for Large Lectures and Smaller Classes
Mike Lynch, Chris Prince Eprints at UMD
John Hamlin Major Plan Program (CLA)
William A. Fleischman Electronic Internship Application Process
Tom Bacig Science Fiction Independent Learning Course Using Streaming Video
Donna Forbes, Arlen Severson Student and Faculty Experiences at UMD School of Medicine Using NeuroView, a Computer Program for Neuroanatomy
Steve Downing Histology Time
Miranda Pollock Histology Art
Brad Ingersoll Toxicology Journal
Mike Scott PDA Logging


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Paul Treuer, Scott Lindgren Electronic Portfolio
Terrie Shannon, Helen Rallis, Katie Lawson, and others from the Department of Education How technology is used in teaching
Haike Friedrichsdorf Lessons learned from creating courses online
John Hamlin Using Authorware to generate interactively
Lyle Shannon Using Wireless Technology in Teaching General Biology
Tim Everson, Patricia Ross and Ladd Kocinski from M.Ed. Cohort International Falls Electronic Portfolio Creation
Miranda Pollock Animations of GI physiology,endocrinology, and anatomy
Jill Jenson, Dorothy Morrison Technology Enhanced Teaching in Comp 3150
Kris Kleckner Using Microworlds to Teach Environmental Education: Bridging the Gap
Bruce Reeves, Barbara Z. Johnson Using a Streaming Server for online learning
Donna Forbes, Arlen Severson, Stephanie Fehringer, Jesse Michels NeuroView : A Computer Based Learning Tool for Neuroanatomy
Doreen Hansen UMD Library: A Leap into the Future
Kate Maurer, Karin Jacobson UMD's Online Writing Web: SNOWPLOW
Kathy Heltzer Distance Education and Use of Technology
Bruce Mork Syllabus, index page, and schedule for Sociology 2111 on the internet
Judy Kurschner, Mary Olson-Reed New OnLine Training Opportunities
Charlene Harkins Health 1000 Developing Wellness a Web Based ILP
Marian S. Stachowicz Artificial Intelligence and Color Recognition
Judith Karon, Lita Wallace, Melissa Schwab Human Resources 2000
Arden Weaver, Pat Dennis, Mark Harvey An Illustration of the Department of Theatre's Laptop Initiative
Terry Anderson, Mary Jean Menzel Distance Learning
Linda Naughton Using UMD's network for sending digital files to Print Services
Tom Bacig Use of Threaded Forums for Online Student Discussions
Pam Griffin, Roger Petry Accessing Technology
Joan Karp, Helen Carlson, Elizabeth Quintero, Lorraine Mitchell, Kay Wohlhuter Infusion of Technology into the Early Childhood Studies Program A Laptop Initiative
Alexis Pogorelskin Web Sites for Teaching and Learning: Time Travel 1940
Andrew Moravec, Matt Kirsling, Mike Frederick, Christopher Anderson, Dan Kernler The UMD Student Web Contest 2000 winners
Theodore Schoen Use of Internet Technology for Large Lectures


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Helen Rallis, Betsy Quintero, Mary Kay Rummel, Helen Carlson, Terrie Shannon, Clay Keller, Karen Soul, Joan Karp Multidimensions of Education Through Technology
Pam Griffin, Roger Petry Computer Accessibility
Candice Richards Facilities Management Custodial Training Program) Using Digital Camera, Photoshop, and PowerPoint
Linda Naughton Wide Format Inkjet Printing
Paul Kiprof Chemistry in Three Dimensions
Jill Jenson, Ken Risdon, Eric Watson, Davin Heckman, Dorothy Morrison Teaching Tech Writing with Technology
Susan Mulholland Archeology Without Dirty Fingernails: Computer Simulation of an Excavation
Marian Stachowicz Soft Computing Systems and Their Applications
Donna Forbes, Arlen Severson NeuroView: A Computer-Assisted Learning Program for Neuroanatomy
Denny Falk Global Issues: An Individualized Learning Program Course on the Internet
Tom Johnson Remote Sensing in Large Lakes
George Host Water on the Web: Integrating Real-Time Data Into Educational Curricula Over the Internet
Jackie Carlson Student 2000 Project: Our Goal is Great Service!
Andrew Moravec, James Howard TestMaker – TopClass Test Creation Software
Library Staff Information and New Technologies: Interlibrary Loan, Reserve, Reference, and Circulations on the Web
Judy Kurschner, Paula Pollock NETG Interactive WEB-Based Training for Computer Software and Operating Systems
Robyn Roslak World Art on the World Wide Web
Steve Downing Teaching Histology with Technology: Elimination of the Microscope from the Medical School Curriculum
Omelan Lukasewycz Hematopoiesis Home Page
Gerald Pepper Technology Aids and Online Support in a Traditional Classroom
Richard Eisenberg, George Trachte, Arlen Severson MacPharmacology and MacBrianlesion
Harold Pardue SBExchange: Development of an Online Auction Site and Virtual Community
Ross Odegaard, Ted Butler, Melissa Fritts, John Madden Demonstration of Winners of Student Web Contest
Robert Williams Use of SmartMusic in Woodwind Teaching/Learning
Miranda Pollock Ideas for using Electronic Media in Education


Presenter(s) Presentation Title
Jackie Carlson, Scott Schweikert, Jerry Allen PeopleSoft Presentation
Ken Risdon and Jill Jenson Composition
Denny Falk SW 1210 Global Issues
Linda Naughton Color Printing by Large Format via the Network
Nora Kubazewski NRRI Technology for Environmental Research
Nancy Carriar Library Services
Stephanie Madsen, Kenji Ogura, Jim Jordan, Diana Wade and Dan Beddow Electronic Commerce as Supported Through the 21st Century Arrowhead Initiative
Richard Eisenberg and Arlen Severson MacBrainLesion and MacPharmacology Study/Review Programs
Omelan (Luke) Lukasewycz Home Page for Medical School Course “Hematopiesis and Host Defenses”
Steve Downing Teaching Histology Using Multimedia
Bruce Reeves Multimedia Delivery on the Web
Al Roline and Stan Marczak Bringing the Courtroom into the Classroom: Incorporating Video into Powerpoint
Joel Ness Mulberry Demonstration
Tom Pollock TopClass Course Management System
Ivan Zirbes, Erik Kunz, Rebecca Anderson and Kim Zaczkowski Safety 2000: 1998 Scheduled Presentations – Held Throughout the UMD Campus
Richard Eisenberg The Use of Multimedia in the Classroom
Donna Forbes and Arlen Severson NeuroView – An Interactive Learning Program for Neuroanatomy
Steve Downing The Use of Animation for Visualization of Lecture Topic Concepts
Lyle Shannon Lyle Shannon PowerPoint Presentation on Teaching Biology Classes
Judy Kurschner A Classroom Designed for using Technology in the Educational Process
Helen Rallis Equity Issues in Technology
Denny Falk Designing a Course on the World Wide Web
Bruce Munson An Introduction to Using FileMaker Pro for Collecting Class Data and Feedback
Tom Bacig The Use of Web-Based Course Pages and Discussion Forums in Teaching Humanities and American Studies
Clayton Keller Video conferencing Over the Internet
Leif Brush Art in Technologies
Jerrold Peterson Foresat-Student: A Simulation Laboratory of US Economy
Julie Westlund and Harold Pardue Part 1: Partnership between MIS Class and Career Services Staff Using Internet Technologies
Ben Bornstein and Julie Westlund Part II: Technical Description of Internet Technologies Used to Develop New System of Resume Referral, Info Mgmt., & Registration With Career Services
Lucy Kragness Internet Addiction
Rajiv Vaidyanathan Simple Steps: Techniques You Can Use TODAY to Extend the Boundaries of Your Classroom
Randy Studier Electronic Commerce as Promoted Through the 21st Century Arrowhead Initiative
LeAne Rutherford Teaching on ITV: "Try it You’ll Like It: ITV 101"
Terrie Shannon, Sheryl Grana, Jill Strand Demonstration of ITV Facilities
Ann Hill Duin “Technology Enhanced Learning: A Strategic Plan”
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