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Network Data Storage

Faculty, staff and students have a variety of options for storing files (data, web, email, research) on University servers.

A note about private data: Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to store private data on the University's central system servers (Active Directory, Samba, Unix, Netfiles) rather than on their desktop or laptop computers. The servers provide secure access, nightly backups, and file restore capabilities.

Personal file storage options and quotas

Internet storage:
All faculty, staff and students can store data in their personal network areas, which are accessed via their University Internet ID and password. These include:
  • Myfiles (Samba)
  • MyWeb (Samba - http:\\www.d.umn.edu\~username)
  • Login (home) directory
  • Email (for those not eligible for GMail)
The total Internet disk storage quota is 5Gb for faculty and staff and 500Mb for students.
Faculty, staff and students have access to 5Gb of data storage on the Netfiles server. Netfiles is a web-based network file storage service based in the Twin Cities. You must request a NetFiles account to use this service, but there is no additional cost for the service.
Active Directory:
Faculty or staff can request a personal folder on the ITSS Active Directory file server and store up to 10Gb of data. To be eligible for this data storage, the user's primary workstation must be on the University's Active Directory service. Additional 5Gb storage may be requested and will be billed a one-time service fee at our current hourly rate.
Google Apps for Education Edition:
Students, faculty and staff who have been invited to opt in to Google Apps for Education Edition have 7Gb of data storage for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Talk.

Data collaboration

A number of options are available for those who wish to securely share files with others within the University or elsewhere. Please note that email is not a secure method to share private or confidential data.

Within Netfiles, individuals can set their own shared access folders and provide access to other students, faculty, staff and even those outside the University.
Active Directory:
For collaboration between faculty and staff, Active Directory customers can use the departmental COMMON shared area. Customers may also request additional shared access groups from ITSS.
Limited file sharing between UMD faculty, staff and students can be set up using a shared Samba folder. Customers may request shared access groups from ITSS.
Google Docs (Education Edition):
Within Google Docs, individuals can set their own shared access folders and provide access to other students, faculty, staff and even those outside the University.

Tiered Data Storage (for research or other large data sets)

For large (250Gb+) storage areas for research data sets, videos, and archiving, customers may request Samba data storage on our tiered data storage server. There is an annual fee based on the amount of storage allocated, in tiers of 500Gb. For our current rates, please see: File Storage Rates.

Backup and restore services

Internet storage:
Files stored on ITSS servers (email, MyFiles, MyWeb, login (home) directory) are backed up nightly. Individual files can be restored on request by ITSS staff, billable at our current hourly rate.
Files in your NetFiles account are stored on an enterprise server based on the Twin Cities campus. These files are backed up for disaster recovery purposes only, so individual file restores are not provided by the Twin Cities or ITSS. However, two features (Trash and Versions) provide some ability for individuals to recover deleted files.
Active Directory:
Files stored on the Active Directory file servers are backed up nightly. ITSS staff can restore individual files at our current hourly rate.
Files in your University Google account (gmail, Google Docs) are backed up for disaster recovery purposes only. Deleted files and older versions are stored in the user's "Trash" for a short period of time and can be retrieved by the user. As all of these files reside on Google (not ITSS servers), ITSS can not restore any Google files.

Summary of Data Storage, Backup & Restore Options

The following table summarizes the options available for network data storage.

Service Intended use Features What you need
Disk Quota
MyFiles Personal file storage Yes Faculty & staff:
    5Gb *

    500Mb *

* Total for all Internet data storage
Internet/email account
MyWeb Personal web page storage
Unix Home directory Personal file storage
Email Personal email storage (for those not eligible for GMail)
NetFiles Personal file storage and sharing Limited 5Gb NetFiles account
AD File Server Personal file storage

Departmental file storage and sharing
Yes 10 Gb (personal)

Additional data storage provided for department shared area.
Active Directory services
  • Faculty/staff: Contact ITSS TechCenter HelpDesk
  • Students: Not available
Google Apps Personal email, file storage and sharing. Limited 7Gb University Gmail account
  • Available for most University students, faculty and staff. See Google Apps at UMD for details.
Tiered Data Storage File storage and sharing for data over the standard disk quotas. Yes Available in 250Gb tiers; see File Storage Rates for details. Contact ITSS Help Desk (x8847) for further information.

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