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Policy: Classroom Technology Services for Academic Units


ITSS manages technology in all general-purpose classrooms on campus. Funding for these classrooms comes from student technology fees and the ITSS recurring budget.

Academic units control some special-purpose classrooms on campus. Technology for these classrooms is funded by the academic unit using collegiate technology fees or other collegiate budgets.

Units that control special-purpose classrooms are encouraged to work with ITSS to provide technology services in these rooms. ITSS can provide the best equipment repair or replacement services if we have been involved in the purchase and installation of that equipment. ITSS will provide spares of standard equipment when needed. ITSS staff have many years of experience designing technology enhanced classrooms and have learned important lessons along the way. Take advantage of our expertise to assist you in creating a functional instructional space.

Please note the following disadvantages of working independently of ITSS. If you choose equipment that is different from what ITSS recommends, ITSS staff may have difficulty assisting you with trouble shooting. If the equipment is broken, the vendor repair process may take several months to complete. Vendors typically do not provide replacement equipment during this process.

Services Provided by ITSS

Room Design & Layout

ITSS staff will work with your unit to design layout of teaching station, screens, projector and other classroom equipment. First estimates from ITSS are free, but subsequent estimates may be billed. If ITSS needs to work with another department, e.g. Facilities Management, that portion of the estimate may be billed by the other department.

Equipment Purchase & Installation

ITSS and Facilities Management staff will coordinate the planning and installation of network and electrical work needed in the classroom. ITSS staff will help you select the equipment you need for your classroom. Our staff will purchase, accept delivery of, set up, and install equipment for you. ITSS staff time and equipment purchased for special-purpose classrooms will be billed to collegiate budgets.

Standard equipment ITSS installs in classrooms:

Other options may be added as determined by department needs.

Projector contract pricing:

ITSS has access to purchase projectors for a substantial discount through a University wide contract. We have been asked to manage any purchases on this contract. These are the projectors we install in all general purpose classrooms on campus and make available for checkout.

To take advantage of the contract price contact Jason Davis by:

Ongoing Support

We recommend an annual cleaning and general checkup for each piece of equipment. This takes approximately 15 minutes per device and is charged according to our hourly consulting rate. Periodic checks for battery replacement and proper operation of equipment are included in this rate.

ITSS will assist you when your equipment needs repair or replacement. ITSS staff can repair some equipment. For other equipment, including most projectors, repairs require that the machine be sent back to the company. ITSS staff will work with you to diagnose a problem and oversee the repair, whether they do it here or send it to the company. All repair work, including bulb replacement, will be billed. ITSS will provide spares of standard equipment when needed (based on availability) for up to two weeks at no charge.


Participation in the University insurance program for electronic equipment is strongly recommended in order to have stolen equipment replaced at a reasonable cost (usually a $500 deductible). This program is announced each year, at which time lists of insured equipment are updated. The ITSS contact for the University insurance program is Steve Patterson (, 726-8785).


We recommend that equipment be locked in a podium or cabinet. Ceiling-mounted projectors can be secured to the mount. Access to the cabinet or podium containing equipment is essential to ITSS support, therefore key access to all equipment under ITSS support will be added to our AV master key.

ITSS staff will be happy to negotiate installation and monitoring costs with our outside vendor for security systems when extra security is needed (and with Facilities Management when conduit is required). Installation costs depend upon the project, and monitoring is billed monthly by the vendor. ITSS staff will supervise installation and provide 24 X 7 response when the vendor reports a problem. ITSS response will be billed on a per-incident basis.