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Kathryn A. Martin Library 410 an Evolutionary Active Learning Classroom

Photo: Person at an Active Learning Pod

Library 410 seamlessly combines all aspects of a modern active learning classroom with state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities. The room is designed to cultivate local active learning punctuated by faculty facilitation across distance using highly integrated and automated video conferencing. Features of the room include:

An Evolutionary Step

Library 410 is an evolutionary step forward from the SCALE-UP and TEAL active learning classrooms developed at North Carolina State University and MIT, respectively.

The space not only provides active learning (flipped from sage on the stage back to students creating knowledge) but also macro (ITV) and micro (Google Hangout) video conferencing. It is tailored for pharmacy's new active learning curriculum by doing two very difficult things very well and in an integrated way (video conferencing plus active learning). It provides users an intuitive and simple interface plus automation.

A Collaborative Project

Building the room was a collaboration across two University of Minnesota campuses and several units, including Pharmacy, Information Technology Systems and Services, Classroom Technology Services, and Facilities Management. The project was informed by a high degree of needs assessment via Classroom Technology Services. Local partners included Facilities Management, ITSS, Pharmacy ND. Our broader collaborators included Classroom Technical Services, Office of Information Technology, EPA Audio Visual (vendor).

Beyond Requirements at Half the Cost

All project requirements were met at half the cost. In addition we:

Room Tour

Text Description of the Room Tour

A virtual tour displays Library 410 from 360 degrees. This panoramic shows that the room has seven tables/pods, four of which are on the west side and three of which are on the east side. The tables are elongated semicircular in shape with one flat side flush against the wall. Mounted on the wall at each pod are two large flat-screen displays stacked vertically. Each table seats nine people. On the tables are: microphones, keypads, and cables. The instructor's station is in the middle of the room. Accessible Library 410 still photographs of this virtual tour from eight key angles are available at:

Additional photographs include:

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