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Health Care

In the United States, the government does not pay for health care. Your student Services Fee pays for services at UMD Health Services, and, in addition, you are required to purchase health insurance.

UMD Health Services (HS)located on campus between Lake Superior and Goldfine Halls, is designed to serve the unique medical, counseling, and health education needs of students. Your Student Services Fee pays for unlimited Health Services visits, including exams for general illness, injuries, physicals, gynecological care and preventive care.

Click here for Health Services hours. To make an appointment, call 218-726-8155. If you need immediate care and do not have an appointment, you can speak to a triage nurse (218-726-7870). The nurse will help you assess your condition and obtain appropriate care. Students must first use the services of UMD Health Services, where treatment will be provided or a referral issued.

Health Insurance

Services for other medical care such as medications, labs, x-rays, TB test, allergy shots, and elective minor surgery, as well as more serious and emergency care are not offered or paid for by UMD's Health Services, but instead are offered at local clinics or hospitals and may be paid for by your Student Health Benefit Plan. You may have to pay a % (usually 20%) of these costs. International students are required to purchase the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance for themselves and their dependents. Healthcare in the United States is complicated and very expensive – one illness can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and financially devastate you and your family. Therefore, for your protection, UMD mandates that all international students purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan. Students with Graduate Assistantships are usually covered by the Graduate Assistant Health Plan.

You should receive a health insurance card in the mail, (make sure you have updated address in the UMD Campus Directory on the web). If you do not receive your card, of if you have other questions about the plan policy or coverage, e-mail the Student Health Benefits Office or call at 1-800-232-9017. As a nonimmigrant international student, you may not use any type of public funding for medical assistance during your stay in the United States.

Health Plan Coverage After Graduation

Summer Health Insurance

If you were enrolled in the Student Health Benefit Plan during spring semester, you will be automatically covered by the Plan through the summer months at no additional charge.

Health Services Summer Fee

Waiving the Health Insurance Plan

If you are covered by either of the following, you will not be required to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan.

1. A United States-based employer-sponsored health plan or;
2. Graduate Assistant Insurance Plan (GA Plan) provided by the University of Minnesota.

Please submit the Waiver Request Form.

Graduate Assistantship Health Coverage

If you are a student and hold a teaching, research, or administrative assistantship in your department, you can obtain coverage at reduced cost, depending on the percent appointment you hold. The same coverage can be purchased for your spouse and children. Contact the Graduate Assistant Insurance Office at (612) 624-0627 or 1-800-232-9017.


Emergency and Urgent Care

Health care providers distinguish between emergency services and urgent care. Emergency services are those required for a serious injury or life–threatening illness. Urgent Care is given for problems that are less serious but cannot wait for a regular doctor appointment. Emergency care: Call 911 for a medical emergency or ambulance. You should go to a hospital emergency department when the problem is life-threatening or extremely serious. Services provided at an emergency room cost much more than the same services at a regular clinic. Urgent Care: Call UMD Health Services first – you may be able to get an appointment that same day. If not, go to an urgent care department or clinic designated by your health insurance plan. Be sure you know where to go for immediate care before the need arises.


For minor aches and pains, or common colds and flu, medications are available at drug stores, pharmacies, and discount department stores. Other medications such as antibiotics, insulin, etc. require a prior prescription from a doctor, and then can be purchased at a drug store or pharmacy.

Dental Care

Dental Care is not covered by the Student Health Benefit Plan. Local dentists can be found in the Yellow Pages of the Telephone Directory or online.





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