Annual Employee Performance Appraisal

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UMD Performance Appraisal Timeline 2017
UMD Performance Appraisal Timeline_2017 (PDF)

University leaders, responsible administrators, and supervisors shall conduct performance reviews for purposes of evaluation and development. The University expects ongoing evaluation of employee performance, with regularly conducted and documented reviews of all employees administered according to applicable administrative policies, rules, and collective bargaining agreements.

Section IV. Performance Reviews
Board of Regents Policy: Employee Performance Evaluation and Development


Employee performance appraisals are a counseling tool for the rating supervisor and the employee to use to assess and discuss job performance. The focus of the performance appraisal process should be to establish a mutual understanding between the supervisor and the employee on the requirements for effective job performance.


Process for Probationary Appraisal (PDF)
Process for Annual Appraisal (PDF)

Forms to Submit with Performance Appraisal:

Completion of Performance Review Form (must still enclose Job Description)Form Eliminated

UMD Comprehensive Employee Appraisal Package: 

Civil Service Performance AppraisalPDF / WORD
Joint Employee Performance Appraisal Form (Bargaining Units)PDF / WORD
Follow-Up FormPDF / WORD
Conducting P&A Performance Reviews ReferenceLink
Types of P&A Performance Reviews (including annual)Link

Chancellor's Unit

Chancellor Unit - Performance Appraisal Form (P&A, Civil Service non-bargaining)WORD
Chancellor Unit - Performance Appraisal Form (P&A, Civil Service non-bargaining) (UMPR)WORD
Chancellor Unit - Performance Appraisal Form (Bargaining Units)WORD
Performance Review Dotted Line and Peer Feedback ReportingWORD

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations -Merit Performance Appraisal Process for P&A and Civil ServicePDF

Vice Chancellor for Student Life

Student Life - P&A and Civil Service - Performance Appraisal FormWORD

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

       CLA, CEHSP, LLO

CLA, SL,  CEHSP (CS _ BU), and LLO - Performance Appraisal FormWORD


ITSS - Employee Input FormPDF
ITSS - Performance Appraisal FormPDF


Library - Bargaining Units - Performance Appraisal FormWORD
Library - P&A and Civil Service - Performance Appraisal FormWORD


LSBE - AFSCME - Performance Appraisal FormWORD
LSBE-Civil Service-Performance Appraisal FormWORD


SCSE Performance Appraisal FormWORD


SFA Bargain Unit Joint Performance Appraisal FormPDF / WORD
SFA Civil Service Joint Performance Appraisal FormPDF / WORD