Housing facilities close at 8 PM on Friday December 19th, 2014 for Fall Semester. Housing facilities reopen at 9 AM on Sunday, January 18, 2015 for Spring Semester.

Contracts for newly admitted students for Fall 2015 will be available on February 1st, 2015.


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Conditions of the Contract

The UMD Housing Contract, which includes all information contained in this booklet defines the rights, responsibilities and expectations of both the resident and the Housing Office.

This contract is made for the entire academic year (or while registered for classes at UMD during the academic year) and provides rooms in all residential areas (residence halls and apartments) and board in all residence halls. Upon moving in, the resident (and his/her parents, if the resident is under legal age) is responsible for full contractual obligations. This contract is binding and the resident must remain in University Housing while registered for courses at UMD during the academic year.

The Housing Office reserves the right to reassign a resident to a different living area at any time if the Housing Office determines it is in the best interest of the resident, other residents or the University community. The Housing contract is binding for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters) or while enrolled at UMD during the academic year.

The University reserves the right to refuse or cancel any contract and/or return any installment payment. Students wishing to live in a University residential facility must meet the following conditions:

  • Be officially admitted to the University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Be in good academic standing as defined in the current UMD Bulletin
  • Be registered for a minimum of six credits at the University of Minnesota Duluth

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Director of Housing or his/her designee. Dropping below the credit minimum does not automatically release a resident from the Housing contract.


Semester Break Housing Policy

Burntside Hall, Vermilion Hall and Stadium Apartments are the only University housing facilities open for semester break, which occurs from 8:00 p.m. on December 21, 2012- 12:00 noon on January 21, 2013. All other housing facilities will be closed during semester break. To qualify for semester break housing, residents must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Reside in Burntside Hall, Vermilion Hall or Stadium Apartments on or before December 7, 2012; and
  2. Complete and submit a semester break housing request form to 149 Lake Superior Hall on or before December 7, 2012. [Top]

Assignment Changes

It is important that roommates work together to create a living environment that allows freedom with respect and responsibility. However, should problems arise, residents may request an assignment change to another living unit. The Assignment Change Referral Form (obtained from your RA) must be presented at the Housing Office (149 Lake Superior Hall, 726-8178) to obtain a list of on campus vacancies. A resident may not move until written approval is received from the Housing Office. Any resident moving to another assignment without written approval will be subject to Housing disciplinary action and may be required to move back to his/her original assignment and/or lose all assignment change privileges. [Top]

Assigning Vacancies

Students may be assigned to vacancies by Housing & Residence Life (Lake Superior Hall 149, 218-726-8178) at any time. Housing & Residence Life encourages students who are becoming roommates to meet prior to moving. Students are asked to get to know one another and to discuss issues important to living together. Due to their absence, current students may not have an opportunity to be informed of or meet with an incoming student during semester break. Should conflicts develop that cannot be resolved and a student opts to move, she/he must follow the Assignment Change procedure. Students who refuse a new roommate or hinder the process will be referred to the conduct system which may include being assessed the rate noted in the Consoliation Policy (if occupancy permits)[Top]

Roommate Conflicts: Your Options

  • Discuss situation with the person directly, and/or;
  • Contact your RA for assistance in how to phrase things when you address your roommate(s), and/or;
  • Obtain an Assignment Change Referral form to relocate to another living unit from your RA.

Staff are prepared and willing to assist residents with facilitation-but are unable to make living decisions for them. The RA's can either advise you on how to approach your roommates or can actually join you and your roommates to facilitate the discussion, help keep the discussion focused and encourage civility. Only the residents living together are capable of resolving any differences. One of the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood is the ability to individually address problems or to choose not to address them.

If you have concerns about personal safety or security, contact Campus Police at 726-7000 during normal business hours or 911 after hours.

It is inappropriate for staff to intervene other than to facilitate discussions between residents.

Housing Staff will not decide who is to move out and who is to stay in an apartment. [Top]

Consolidation Policy

If the occupancy of a living unit falls below its established occupancy level, , the remaining student(s) have the option to:

  1. Accept another roommate(s);
  2. Move into another living unit (see Check Out Procedure;
  3. Space permitting, pay an additional amount to keep the living unit below its established occupancy level ($600 per space per semester in the residence halls; $750 per space per semester in the apartments).

If another roommate(s) is not available, the additional rate will not be charged. [Top]


Billing for University Housing fees is included on the billing statement with tuition and fees. The $200.00 installment payment for Fall Semester has been credited to the first semester Housing charge. Housing charge questions should be addressed to the Housing Office (149 Lake Superior Hall, 726-8178). Payment questions should be addressed to the Student Accounts Receivable Office (window 15 or 16, Darland Administration Building, 726-7190). Failure to satisfy the financial obligations of the Housing Contract may result in any or all of the following:

  1. Denial of meal privileges
  2. Placement of a "hold" on the resident's records and/or registration materials
  3. Denial of future residence
  4. Termination of the contract and eviction
  5. Referral of the student's account for collection
  6. Referral to St. Louis County Conciliation Court for legal action. [Top]

Contract Cancellation

A student may be released from his/her contract under the following condition:

  • Official withdrawal from UMD
  • Official graduation from UMD
  • Legal marriage of student

Two weeks written notice and proof of pending withdrawal, graduation, or marriage at the end of Fall Semester is required by the Housing Office for cancellation of this contract.

A student who has been released from the Housing Contract for any of the above conditions or whose contract has been terminated by the Housing Office will be assessed a charge through the last night of occupancy and a meal charge through the evening meal of the same night. These charges are prorated on a daily basis. An additional charge of $50.00 will be forfeited or assessed for cancellation of the contract. The minimum charge assessed for Fall Semester is $200.00. Students who have been officially released from their contract effective at the end of a semester must complete all check-out procedures by 8:00 pm on the last day of final exams. [Top]

Moving Off Campus

After a resident has checked into University housing, the Housing Contract cannot be canceled to move into off campus accommodations unless approved by the Associate Director of Housing. Approval will be based on demand for space. If a contract cancellation request is not approved, a resident wishing to move off campus must sell his/her contract to an acceptable substitute. Depending on the time of the year, this may be very difficult. The Housing Contract cannot be canceled by merely paying the $50.00 cancellation charge.

A resident should not make a verbal or written agreement for off campus accommodations unless he or she has written approval of sale of his/her Housing Contract. A resident is responsible for the charges pertaining to the balance of the room and board contract until the person who purchased the contract assumes occupancy. [Top]

Selling a Contract

With the written consent of the Associate Director of Housing or his/her designee, a resident may secure an acceptable substitute who has not already submitted a Housing Contract to assume contractual responsibilities. A contract may be sold only by a resident who has moved into his/her assigned Housing space. A student seeking an acceptable substitute should be aware that:

  • The person who buys the contract must not be a current resident of any UMD Housing facility.
  • Depending on availability of space in University housing facilities, a substitute may be male or female.
  • The contract being sold is for a space in on-campus housing, not necessarily the specific space of the resident selling the contract
  • Request for transfer of a contract by a minor requires written approval of a parent or guardian
  • A $15.00 service charge will be assessed to the resident selling the contract

The student selling the contract is responsible for the financial obligations of the contract until the date the substitute assumes occupancy in the residential facility. [Top]

Check Out Procedures

During the year when a student receives approval to move out of a living unit, even if just moving down the hall, the she/he must:

  1. Clean the living unit.
  2. Schedule a time with the RA to complete a check out inventory.
  3. Complete the condition and inventory form with the RA and receive a Check Out Verification Form
  4. Lock the door and window(s) to the living unit
  5. Bring the Check Out Verification Form, keys, parking permit (if moving off campus),and mattress pad to the Lake Superior Hall Information Desk between 9:00 am to 11:30 am or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Students who do not return keys at the time of check out will be billed for a lock core change and/or replacement keys

Students must check out in person. Students who do not complete check out procedures will be assessed $25.00 for improper check-out along with any charges for cleaning, damages,and/or lock core replacement.

Students who have been released from their contracts (approved by the Director of Housing & Residence Life) effective at the end of the semester, must complete all check out procedures by 8:00 pm the last day of exams. [Top]




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