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Renewal Applications - Academic Year 2018-2019

Current residents of UMD Housing who wish to live on campus for the 2018-2019 academic year must participate in the Housing Renewal and Room Draw process as described below. Each step must be completed by the deadline listed.

Note: Returning students who are currently residing off-campus or who are re-enrolling may request a housing application by contacting the housing office.  These students are not guaranteed housing and will be assigned to housing if space is available after on-time renewals and new students.  

Step One: Complete an Online Housing Application:

The Housing Application will be available online from February 1, 2018 at 8 AM to March 1, 2018. Applications must be submitted by 4 PM on March 1, 2018 in order to participate in Room Draw. Only current UMD Housing residents will be able to access the Housing Application.  As part of the online Housing Application, you'll need to make a $200  Installment Payment by Credit Card.  Cash or checks will not be accepted.   Portions of the Installment Payment may be refundable -- see the housing contract for the conditions and schedule for refunds.

Current residents who submit their Housing Application after 4 PM on March 1, 2018 will be assigned after Room Draw and after new students. The Housing Office cannot guarantee space for current residents who submit an application-contract after March 1, 2018.

Step Two: Form Roommate Groups: 

If there are other current on-campus students you want to live with, you will be able to create a Roommate Group as part of the application. Only students who submitted their application by March 1 are able to be a part of a roommate group. Any students you would like to live with must be a part of your roommate group.  Each roommate group must have a Group Leader, who will create the group.  To create the group, the leader will need to name the group and create a password.  The group leader will need to share the group name and password with the students they want to be part of the roommate group so they can add themselves to the roommate group.  Once your group is complete, you'll need to verify your group - this lets us know that your group is complete!

It is important to consider which student should be the group leader, as that may affect eligibility for a certain round, as noted below.  A current group leader can assign the leader position to another member of the group.  

If you'd like to live with someone who will be a new student, is currently studying abroad, or currently lives off campus, you will indicate their name in the "Pull-In Request" field on Page 4 of the application.  You will not be able to add these students to your roommate group.

Groups that include a new freshman or transfer student, someone who is studying abroad, currently lives off campus or is re-enrolling at UMD must contact the Housing Office.

Please note that off students living off campus and those re-enrolling to UMD are not guaranteed on campus housing.

Step Three: Participate in Room Draw:

Room Draw is the process by which UMD students who currently live in University residence halls or apartments choose where they will live during the next academic year.  Room Draw will occur March 19th - 30th through the Online Housing Portal.

Time Slots

For rounds two and three, group leaders will be assigned time slots to select housing for their group.  Similar to class registration, the assigned time slot is the starting time that the group leader can begin selecting housing.  The group leader has until that round closes to select housing.  There are a small number of groups assigned to each time slot and time slots are spaced 15 minutes apart.  If a group misses selecting housing during their time slot, they will have to wait until the next round to select housing.

Time slots are randomly assigned, however priority is given to current apartment residents by current class standing. 

Room Draw Rounds

Room Draw is broken down into 4 rounds.  Students will make their housing selection via the housing portal on the applicable date(s) listed below.

Round One: Renew Current Room, Monday, March 19th, 9 AM – 4 PM

Students wishing to renew their current room or apartment can do so on March 19th.  In the apartments, students must have a roommate group with at least one additional on-campus student to participate in this round.  There are not assigned times for round one – students may renew their room at any time during the window for this round.  The group leader must be the individual currently living in the room or apartment you wish to live in.  If multiple individuals wish to renew their current space, seniority will be determined by time in room and current class standing.

Example: You currently live in Goldfine A201 and you want to return to Goldfine A201.


Round Two: New Room, Same Building Complex, Wednesday, March 21st,9 AM – Thursday, March 22nd, 4 PM

Students wishing to select a new room in their current building complex can do so in Round Two.  (Building complexes are defined by the area of campus you live in.  The locations on campus are: Burntside, Goldfine, Griggs, Heaney, Ianni, Junction, Lake Superior Hall, Oakland A, Oakland B, Vermilion.)  Students may pull in new students who currently live in other locations through roommate groups.  Groups must have two, three, or four students to participate in this round.  Group Leaders will be randomly assigned a time slot for this round of room draw.  The group leader must be currently living in the location you would like to select for next year.

Example: You currently live in Oakland A and you want to live in a different room in Oakland A next year.


Round Three: New Room, New Location, Monday, March 26th,9 AM – Tuesday, March 27th, 4 PM

Students wishing to select a new room in a new location will participate in Round Three.  Students should form roommate groups with those individuals that they wish to live with.  Groups must have two, three, or four students to participate in this round.  Group Leaders will be randomly assigned a time slot for this round of room draw, with priority given to students currently living in the apartments.  If possible, the group leader should be the student with the highest academic class year standing currently living in the apartments.

Example: You currently live in Griggs and you want to live in Junction next year.


Round Four: Final Round, Thursday, March 29th, 9 Am – 4 PM

Student who did not participate in a prior round will be able to select from remaining spaces during Round Four.  Roommate groups are not required for this round and selection time slots are not assigned.  Individuals may select a space in a Residence Hall or an Apartment during this round.

Example: You currently live in Ianni and you would like to live in Oakland and you don’t have a specific individual you wish to live with.

Step Four: Meal Plan Selection:

After housing has been selected, each student must log into the portal to finalize their meal plan selection for next year.  A group leader can only select meal plans for themselves – they cannot select meal plans for others in their group.  If a student fails to finalize their meal plan selection, they will be assigned to the 19 meals per week plan by default.

To assist in the understanding of this process, take a look at this Room Draw Tutorial