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 University Honors

University Honors Capstone Project

You will complete an independently driven scholarship capstone project during your junior and senior years. Note we define scholarship broadly as any independently driven original research, creative expression project or accomplishment, integration of old ideas in novel ways, or application of knowledge in new areas.

General Capstone Requirements
Faculty Capstone Expectations

This project may seem overwhelming early in your UH career, but we have constructed a program that will begin preparing you for this project right away your freshman year. Below you will find the required steps:

Freshman and sophomore capstone steps:

  1. Attend the freshman capstone group advising meeting. During this meeting we will introduce you to the capstone experience and provide you with some of the basics on how capstone will look when the time comes.

  2. Contact and have a conversation with a faculty member who conducts research in some area that is of interest to you. You do not need to produce an idea for what you want to study yet, just make a connection, and engage them in a 20 minute conversation about their scholarship.

  3. Write and submit a 500 word Discussion Summary that summarizes what you learned and what topics you found interesting. These could be areas of study for your capstone, but they definitely do not have to be. This work is not a commitment. You may well change majors, colleges, or interest areas next year already.

  4. Attend the Senior Capstone Poster Presentations in the spring. This will help you prepare for your capstone by learning more about what other UH students have done for their capstone projects.

Junior steps:

  1. Attend junior capstone group advising meeting. This meeting will detail the next steps for capstone and assist you in choosing a mentor for your project.

  2. Choose a faculty mentor willing to assist you on your capstone project. Review the general Faculty Capstone Expectations to be sure they understand the nature of their involvement.

  3. Work with faculty mentor to write-up a 500 word proposal or summary of the scholarship to be completed for the Capstone Project. Include a timeline for completion of the requisite pieces of the project. You must develop your proposal/summary and timeline with the guidance of the faculty mentor.

  4. Once you have prepared the proposal, print up the UH Capstone Proposal Form, complete it, sign it, and have your faculty mentor sign it.

  5. Submit your Project Summary, timeline, and Capstone Proposal Form to the UH office by the last day in March of your junior year.

Senior requirements:

  1. Attend senior capstone group advising meeting

  2. Complete your capstone project with the guidance of your faculty mentor, write it up according to the following UH General Capstone Requirements page

  3. Print up and submit the UH Capstone Completion Form to your faculty mentor with your completed capstone paper. Give your faculty mentor at least three weeks to review your work

  4. Upon faculty mentor approval, submit your UH Capstone Completion Form and your completed project to the UH office by the UH Senior Capstone Presentation date

  5. Present your work in the UH Senior Capstone Presentation


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