UMD Heroes Fund

UMD Heroes Fund

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UMD Heroes Event - Clyde Iron Works - April 24th @ 4:30pm

What Others are Saying

Roger Reinert Roger Reinert - MN State Senator & Lieutenant U.S. Navy

"There are a couple great reasons that I support this fund and I would encourage others to support this fund as well. First is supporting those who have really is incumbent on the rest of us to wrap our arms around those folks and help support them."

"Double digit unemployment is still common for returning veterans, so a fund that helps people get back to school, it helps people get on the career path they want to be on, and helps them get the knowledge and skills, and training that they want in their life is critically important and so I think this fund will play an important role for students looking at UMD as an option for their higher education."
Stephanie LaFleur Stephanie LaFleur - Retired MN Air National Guard 148th FW

"The Heroes Fund is helping the community build an awareness, and also benefit the needs that need to be met, and we need to do that, we forget about it, it's so easy to let things go by the wayside because life gets busy. Hopefully the Heroes Fund will bring things to the forefront and help everybody get what they need."

"I think it's more important to support something and stand by it, instead of saying you have to do it because of this (or that), how about let's do it because you should. I think that's something we should look at everyday and it's something we forget. You don't have to do something because you get something out of it, you do something because it's needed."
Patrick Mullen Patrick Mullen - V.P. Marketing MN Power & Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee Chairperson

"The Heroes Fund sounds terrific, sounds like it gives an opportunity to disadvantaged individuals that can sustain something greater in life and especially those that have given so much for our country, and so I think the concept of the Heroes Fund sounds really terrific to me."

"I think we all live in a world where community means a lot and I think anybody that wants to help better the community and better individuals, this sounds like a perfect opportunity to really make a difference in someones life and the community that we all live and work in."

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