What about applicants who cannot upload documents?

A significant majority of our applicants will be able to submit transcript copies via AY. In fact, peer universities have reported success rates of 80 to 90%. International students in particular benefit from this process, and most U.S. universities offer free downloads of unofficial transcripts to current students and alumni. Also, if you are contacted by an applicant without access to scanning technology, you may want to suggest they try an office supply store (Kinko's, etc.) that offers scanning service for a nominal fee.

When absolutely necessary however, applicants may still be allowed to submit paper materials. These must be official transcripts to avoid duplicative scanning by our office staff. Also, they must be sent to the Graduate School Admissions Office well in advance (one month or more) of your program deadline to allow time for scanning and uploading into AY. Click here to see more detailed instructions. It should be made clear that applicants waiting until the last minute to submit their applications should do so electronically since the Graduate School Admissions Office will not be able to handle rush scanning requests.

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