How will I know when an applicant has applied?

Until now, some graduate programs have relied on receiving emails or paper files from the Graduate School Admissions Office to alert them that applications have been submitted to their program. Since you will no longer receive email or paper materials, here are some alternative ways to monitor your program's applications:

Register for AY status reports.

If you are not already using this feature, you will very likely want to activate status reports in AY. This daily email indicates how many applications have been submitted that day. It also reports how many in-progress applications have had some activity and how many new applications have been started. Click here for instructions on registering for status reports.

Check AY.

Check AY periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, near your program deadline, etc.) to pull up a report of all of your applicants. Queries will likely be helpful as well; click here to learn more about queries.

Have your applicants email you.

Several programs instruct their applicants to email them when all elements of their application have been submitted. You may wish to consider this practice.

Revise your application instructions.

Updating your graduate program's application instructions to align with the new process is extremely important.

Set a firm application deadline.

If you do not have a fixed application deadline, you may wish to establish one. This will make it easier for your program to require that applications submitted by your deadline date must be complete.

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