How do I cancel/add a course after the second week, or request a tuition/late fee refund?

During fall and spring semesters, the end of the second week of the semester is the last day to add a course or change sections of a course, change the grading option, or cancel a course without a W appearing on the transcript. During the summer term, the deadline for such changes is the fifth day of instruction. If withdrawal from a course occurs within the first two weeks of the semester, no record of this course is shown on the transcript. If withdrawal occurs after the second week of the semester, the transcript will show the course with a W. Students cannot change their registration after the last day of instruction of a semester or register for previous semesters. Withdrawal from a course or courses may affect tuition benefits. The petition form, which is completed by the student requesting changes in registration, includes both an accurate statement of action being requested as well as an explanation of why the exception to policy is justified. Submission of a signed petition form is not a guarantee of approval.

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