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Spring 2014 Seminar Schedule

Life Science 175 - 3:30 pm (unless otherwise indicated) Refreshments served

Thursday, Jan. 23

No Seminar first week of classes

Thursday, Jan. 30

No Seminar

Thursday, Feb. 06 Kent Syverson, Professor and Chair, Department of Geology, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire; "The Frac Sand Mining Boom in the State of Wisconsin -Geology and Controversies "

Monday, Feb. 10


Charles Darwin Special Lecture
- Walter Salzburger, Professor, Universitat Basel, Zoologisches Institut, Evolutionsbiologie Basel, Switzerland; "Evolution in Darwin's Dream Ponds: The Cichlid Fishes of the East African Big Lakes"

Thursday, Feb 13

No Seminar

Thursday, Feb.20


Kim Lapakko, Principal Engineer, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Lands and Minerals; " Laboratory Dissolution of Duluth Complex Rock from the South Kawishiwi and Partridge River Intrusions"


Thursday, Feb. 27


Julian Sachs, Professor, School of Oceanography, University of Washington; "Hydrogen Isotopes in Mangrove and Algal lipids Indicate Little Ice Age Aridity in Palau" CANCELLED

Thursday, Mar. 06

George Erickson, Member of Concerned Scientists, Member of Thorium Energy Alliance and past Vice President of American Humanist Association; "Thorium Nuclear Power: Climate Change Killer for the 21st Century"

Thursday, Mar. 13

David Shinkle, Geologist, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., Ontario; "The Black Thor Igneous Complex: a Chromitiferous Ultramafic-mafic Layered Intrusion Within the Ring of Fire Intrusive Suite, Ontario, Canada"

Thursday, Mar. 20

No Seminar - Spring Break

Thursday, Mar.27

Tony Runkel, Chief Geologist, Minnesota Geological Survey; " What's so "Special" about the Cambrian Strata in the Cratonic Interior of North America? A High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis (and links to societal relevance)"

Thursday, April 03

Jennifer Anderson, Professor, Geosciences, Winona State University; "Going Ballistic! Making Impact Craters in the Laboratory"

Thursday, April 10

Dinesh Katti, Professor and Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, North Dakota State University; "Multiscale Modeling and Experiments for Bridging Molecular Scale Interactions to Macroscopic Properties of Swelling Clays"

Thursday, April 17

Eric Dott, Vice President and Senior Hydrogeologist, Barr Engineering Company; "Using Geoscience to Evaluate Contaminated Sites: Patterns, Processes and Conceptualizations"

Thursday, April 24

Richard Ojakangas, Emeritus Professor, Geological Sciences Department, University of Minnesota Duluth; "Archean Glaciomarine Deposits, S. India: 1001 Dropstones!"

Thursday, May 01

Anne Williamson, Vice President of Environment & Sustainability, Twin Metals Minnesota; "Environmental and Sustainability Issues Related to CU-Ni Mining"

Thursday, May 08

No Seminar - last week of classes