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Requesting Key/Proximity Cards

  1. Access must be requested and authorized by your department head, director or college dean. Forms can be requested by calling x6357 or E-mailing us at You will be issued a pin number that will be required to send the request.
  2. When accessing the web site you will be asked for a user name and password, these are the same as your E-mail account. Your pin number is used at the end of the request form.
  3. Click on the appropriate door for your request.
  4. For all requests when asked for a department or contact phone number, this should be the number of the person in your office who is ordering the key, not the person who will be the key holder.
  5. When your key request has been processed you will be contacted by someone in the Facilities Management office. The keys should be picked up from 241 Darland unless prior arrangements have been made with the key shop

Card Access
  1. Request a proximity card
  2. Delete a proximity card
  3. Change current proximity card access (add or delete doors)
  4. Order a replacement card for worn or lost cards.
Key Access
  1. Request keys
  2. Transferring of keys is not allowed. All keys must be returned to the Key Shop or Human Resources when faculty, staff or students leave a department, leave campus or are moved to a new office area
Special Event Access - Card readers only
  1. This should be used to request a door or doors with card readers to be locked or unlocked during a specific time period. (sporting events, meetings, open house, etc.
  1. Returned keys or proximity cards should be attached to the original card or envelope they were issued on, if that is not available please attach to a 3x5 card, listing the name of the person who held the key/card. All keys/cards should be returned to 241 Darland - Key Shop or Human Resources.
  1. Lost or stolen keys must be reported to both Facilities Managements Key Shop and Campus Police immediately. There is a button the on the Key Shop web site that allows you to do this in one step. Replacement keys will not be issued until this has been done. When keys are reported lost or stolen, re-keying of the lock may be considered. This decision is made by the Key Shop with input from both the affected department and Campus Police. Although there is no charge for the issuing of keys, the re-keying process is chargeable to cover the labor and materials necessary to change the cores. The affected department would be responsible for this charge.
  2. When keys are found, they should be returned to 241 Darland - Key Shop or Campus Police
  1. Campus keys/proximity cards allow many individuals access into areas that need to be secure. It is essential that all departments do everything necessary to keep our system accurate and secure.
  2. Every key or card issued is coded to the individual or department named on the key request. It is important that they not be borrowed or transferred to any other personnel. If it is discovered that a proximity card is being used by someone other than who it was issued to, it will be deactivated immediately.
  3. When a person no longer needs access to an area, terminates employment, or transfers to a new department, unneeded keys should be returned to 241 Darland - Key Shop.
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